The REAL Truth About Barack Obama!

Over on the forbidden site, a bunch of us got together and produced the email below. It is an attempt to speak truth against the viral email lies that are being spread against Barack Obama. It has been converted to web sites, squiddoo lenses, over 3000 emails, and more. I thought I'd post it here to give the Obama supporters in this audience a chance to send the email or distribute it in any way they'd like. The original project along with html and text versions of the final email can be found here.

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Why the Clinton Library is a Problem

We worry in this country about the undue influence of money in political campaigns. So much so in fact that we set a $2300 limit on how much any individual can donate to a Presidential campaign. The media works its collective fingers to the bone poring over the records to see how much money various donors have given to candidates over the course of their political lives, and rightly so.

But what if there was a Presidential candidate whose spouse received half a billion dollars in unreported contributions for one of their pet projects. What if fully 10% of those contributions were from foreign sources? What if $10 million of that money came from a single foreign entity that not only would be certain to have business before the new President, but who is deeply embroiled in our problems in the Middle East and a huge beneficiary on our dependence upon foreign oil? Would that be important?

Well, that is exactly the case.

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