• Joe Wilson is out shilling for Hill. And the fact that he hadn't heard of Obama does nothing to negate the fact that it was a risky move to come out against the war at that time while actively campaigning.

    And the fact that Hillary has over time evolved into "I would have voted against it if I knew what I know now." is not nearly the same as "I made a mistake voting against it then with the information that was available at the time." She made a political calculation and send people off to die so she'd look tough.

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    So what makes you think she's outraising Obama?

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    Which is why this will be taken out of the IG's hands, and turned over to the justice department so that the FBI can investigate these ex-employees. Don't forget also that this is a sitting U.S. Senator. If it appears the executive branch is dragging its feet Congress will step in.

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    Obama was in the midst of his Senate campaign at the time, and he still spoke out about as forcefully as anyone except Al Gore against the war. He was right on every point.

    For you to ascribe with no evidence that he would have sent men and women to die for political expediency, as Hillary did, is ridiculous.

  • What a total crock? Is there no requirement for backing up one's statements here?

  • If you folks weren't so DKos averse you'd have more info. The employees were contractors, and the issue is who did they share the info with. At least that's one issue. If they shared this info with anyone, it's a felony. And it could be anyone, Republican or Democrat.

    The acting inspector general of the state department will have a conference call at 9 or so. They didn't notify Obama for 2 months, even though this is a guy protected 24/7 by the Secret Service.

    As for what were they fishing for, speculation only, but probably Obama's travel records in support of the Muslim meme? Might be.

  • The right is overplaying its hand, and too early. They saw the opportunity to talk about race opened up by the Ferraro dustup and they jumped in, and now they've been playing those Wright videos for what seems like forever, and I hope they play them another day or so. People are going to get sick of it. They are going to start wondering if that's all they've got. They are going to start tuning out the right wing talk machine.

    Sure they'll bring it up again, but there's a certain inoculation that occurs as this gets overplayed.

  • I can actually partially agree. That group is almost totally unrepresented on the blogs, but honestly. McCain is running as a continuation of the Bush Presidency, in which we've now had two recessions and this one is going to be really bad. In addition Obama is going to wipe the stage with McCain whenever the two get to speak in the same place. Do you really think very many blue collar voters who have a chance of voting Democrat are going to vote McCain once we have the (currently difficult) opportunity to run a general election. It's not going to be a problem.

    In fact, unlike many I admit, I'm not worried about Obama beating McCain at all. I think he'll do it handily. What I do worry about is if he only gets 8 weeks to do it and if the Democrats have done most of the work for McCain before the general election even starts. That worries me. Oh ya, that and the $100 million or more of contributor money we're going to waste unnecessarily in the next two months.

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    So we don't have to campaign. No brochures, commercials, signs, ground troops, newspaper ads...

    Oh hell, we've been wasting SO much money.

    There was no election in Florida. There was a largely uninformed vote.

  • Gee. I didn't know that George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush filed joint tax returns. Do they?

    And has H.W. Bush been living in the White House in some hidden room for the last 8 years?

    Your analogy isn't even close.

  • because the rabid followers here are not representative, and he will have won the nomination the old fashioned way, by winning the most delegates. The difference in policy between Hillary and Obama is tiny, and they won't all of a sudden more to McCain.

    However, if Hillary wins the nomination, it can only be by overturning the will of the pledged delegates. Picture that if you're an African-American, or if you're a young person who for the first time put themselves on the line for a candidate. They told you that the name of the game was to win the most delegates, and then when you did that, they took it away anyway.

    You wouldn't even have to worry about November. We'd lose. What you should worry about is the next election, and the one after that, and the one after that, because those voters will be gone for a very long time.

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    Does that make it any less of an issue? Perhaps we should never elect a President whose spouse is a former President. Your statement is silly because it does not in the least negate the conflict of interest. Try again please.

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    Then why have campaigns at all. We could just forbid campaigning and we could have just crowned Hillary queen in January, because that's what Florida was, a vote before any campaigning. Worse than that. The voters were told that it wouldn't count, so the smart people, at least the ones who happened to be not interested in the ballot questions stayed home.

  • Had me going there for a second. Very good.

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    So you've been looking for a reason not to vote for Obama since New Hampshire and you think you've finally found one. You and the Republicans, you've finally found something, anything negative to say about him and you're worrying it to death.

    Do you honestly think Obama's negatives are bigger than Hillary's. She starts out with like a 47% floor on her negative rating. That's 47% of the public that won't vote for her no matter what. Then add things like the $10 million contribution from Saudi Arabia to the Clinton Foundation and that number's not going to get any better.

    Then, you know all that apathy and disenchantment among Republicans with both McCain and Bush? Forget it. Republicans would crawl over broken glass to vote if Hillary is the opposition. This is a factor that's not even accounted for in the so called head to head general election match up polls. Hillary is the single biggest factor for Republicans in getting out the vote.

    Like I said, it looks like you've found the excuse you're looking for, but don't pretend that Hillary is more electable than Obama. It's just not the case.


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