08 Democratic Campaign Web Analysis


Since I work in web marketing and development, I thought I would do a quick analysis of the Democratic 2008 Presidential Website Campaigns.

Notably Richardson, Vilsack, Kucinich and Clark all do not own their own .com name and should considering buying theirownname.com name even if the current owners want tens of thousands of dollars, because type in traffic is real.  If Clark launches his campaign he should permanently redirect clark04.com to his new campaign site to hopefully make the new site rank more quickly in the search results.  Edwards and Kucinich have the only 2 current democratic campaign websites opting not to use www in front of the domain name.  

Richardson may have the worst search rankings, with Wikipedia dominating [Bill Richardson] in Google, and a broken DeanForAmerica.com site outranking his campaign website for his own name.  Your search results may differ slightly from what Google just served me.  I think candidates should strive for their campaign site to outrank the website for their current office.

Many websites are now using 3rd party javascript for analytics and goal tracking.  If a site doesn't use JS analytics, it may still use server logs for some web stats.  It does not appear that any of the campaign websites are paying for web analytics, and Google Analytics is popular choice.  I have not looked at Sitemeter.com in a while, but I imagine that Google Analytics is  much more full featured, and the campaigns using sitemeter should consider switching.  

Hillary is the only one using MS Win/IIS.  I only identified one content-management system in my research, Kucinich.us uses drupal.  If you know what open source or proprietary publishing systems other campaigns are using please let me know.  

I may look at the campaign's Google Adwords and other PPC marketing in the near future.  EmergencyCheese on Youtube has some cool videos tracking each candidate's YouTube campaigns.

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