• Stop pressuring Obama to take Clinton as VP just bc you're sore that she lost.

    There is no primary election for VP so Obama should be able to choose the person that he thinks is best for the job and, from a political standpoint, that person is not Hillary. She doesn't complement him well on the ticket (foreign policy experience...), doesn't fit the moral criteria to be in the Obama campaign (she takes money from lobbyists and she's old Washington), and she doesn't fit the role of VP.

  • comment on a post Hillary Clinton Raises $2.5 Million And Counting over 6 years ago

    Wow, $3 million!

    You've practically bridged the $20 million gap that Obama gained on her in April when he raised $40 million to Clinton's $20 million. That must be why she started begging for money in her victory speech right away.


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