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    I've traveled to the far East 2-3 times a year over the last 10 years. The growth of China is astounding. China has huge cities that most Americans have never even heard of, for example, Tianjin, population 6.5 million, Qingdao, population 6 million, Shenyang, population 5 million. There are over one hundred cities in China with populations over one million people. And when you visit these cities, all you see in the sky are huge construction cranes, building thousands of new skyscrapers.

    My point is that Americans are, for the most part, incredibly ignorant about Asia and what is being developed there. A great deal of the future of Mankind will take place in that part of the world. America will be left behind in the dust if we and our leaders don't start educating ourselves about modern Asia. And a whole lot of our children and grandchildren better start learning to understand and speak the Chinese dialects soon!

  • Obama has run a brilliant campaign, both strategically and fiscally. You want someone who can run the largest economy in the world, yet Hillary has bankrupt her own campaign at least twice so far.

    And it's small business owners like yourself that her campaign has stiffed after they left town.
    So, are you sure that Hillary is really the candidate that represents your values and interests?

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    Geeze Scotch,
    In your fervor to pile on what you think is an attack Obama diary, you lavish your praise and support on a Repug troll diary.

    Give that itchy trigger finger of yours a rest.

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    This year it could pay off for him to visit Alaska.
    We have a good chance of becoming a blue state, both in the presidential GE, and in our Senate and single HORep seat.
    And I'd bet at least 5,000 people will come to see him in person!
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    And is he vouching for your bona fides, Stan?

  • Hillary has Peewee Herman, Mr. Ed, and Milli Vanilli in her corner.

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    Stop lying about the popular vote.
    Obama has won the contest, and no amount of delusional spin and dishonesty from the Clinton campaign will change that outcome.
  • Utterly and totally desperate, aren't you?
    Counting electoral votes before the GE campaign begins is ludicrous. Once the primaries are finally over and Hillary finally graciously concedes, Obama can begin to take McCain on in earnest.

    And not only will Obama clean McCain's clock, he will lead the establishment of a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress.

  • Thanks for all the helpful advice to Obama supporters, how we should just look the other way and shut up when Hillary interjects the possibility  of the assassination of her opponent is a good reason for her to stay in the contest.

    And don't do us any favors, trying to understand why we get upset when your candidate starts 'thinking out loud' about our greatest fears involving the worst possible thing that might happen to our candidate.

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    This diary is garbage and should be deleted immediately.

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    Don't worry, Hillary always thinks about what's best for HER.
    It's not by accident that Hillary always uses the first person singular pronouns, I, my, me.

    If self absorption was an Olympic sport, Hillary would be wearing gold.

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    And on June 4th it will be:
    "Vaya con Dios!"
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    God, I can't wait for June 4th!

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    Hillary knows that there's no way for her to get away with stealing the nomination at this point.
    So the only hope she has is for something to instantly destroy Obama's campaign before he gets the magic number (2025), or before the convention.

    In the meantime, Clinton's team can only hope that some incredible Obama misstep or scandal comes to the surface and destroys Obama as a viable Democratic candidate in the GE.

    Of course she doesn't want Obama to die. But she clearly was pointing out how things could change suddenly, even as late as June. And for her to put out there the assassination of RFK as an example of 'shit happens' is one of the most incredibly callous and insensitive remarks I've ever heard in a political campaign. There's no possible context to explain or justify such a horrific comment.

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    Exactly. It shows how pathetically desperate and self absorbed she's become in this campaign that it doesn't even occur to Hillary to apologize to Senator Obama for her so-called 'gaffe'.

    To Hillary it would be just as much 'beneath her' to apologize to Obama for this horrific remark as it would have been congratulate Obama for his wins in the primaries and caucuses since January.

    Hillary's assassination comment today will not wash off with spin, denial, or 'blame it on Obama'.
    She's writing her own tawdry legacy. This one can't be blamed on the media, sexism, or the boyz club.


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