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    Matt, thanks for taking notice and for the donation.  The last few days have been empowering and energizing for me and my entire campaign staff.  I knew in my heart that if I stayed true to my message and continued to believe that the change we ALL want was possible, people would find us, and they have.

    I believe that bold, Progressive, and responsible change is something all Americans will embrace.  The message AND action we take once elected will begin to define a new America that will represent "We the People".  Remember that?

    I do!

    I have never done anything so hard in my life, and this journey to be elected to Congress has been a gift.  I now see hope where is was absent, and the fear I see in the eyes of good people everywhere is beginning to be replaced with possibility.  We now need to finish the job and elect REAL Democrats who are unafriad to speak truth to power.  

    When elected, this will be one seat we share.  As I remind most people I talk to, the title of Representative is not just a title, it's a job description.  I think many electeds never knew that, or ignore that.  Yes, I will represent Michigan's 11th CD, but I will ask that all of you lend me your voice.  

    I sincerely represent dynamic change.  Elect me and we are electing all of you.  It may be the easiest promise I can make and keep.

    Thank you all again.  Now, let's win!



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