Stop! Hammer time!

Everyone!  Please, recognize this: The only way the Republicans will win this election is if we are divided.  Our numbers are by far more numerous, and far more energized right now.  Unfortunately, our energies lately have been consumed by berating and insulting supporters of the "other" candidate.  You know, the "other" candidate with policies that are similar to your candidate, especially when compared to the failed recent policies of the Republican Party?

The Republicans have no positive platform to run on, and no recent achievements to boast of.  Almost all of us are worse off now than we were eight years ago, many of us significantly so.  They cannot be allowed to hold the Presidency for any longer.  Too many lives have been ruined or lost already.  For the half of you whose candidate will not be the Democratic nominee, please recognize that your votes are needed to prevent the further Republican/neo-con destruction of this country.  Don't let the loss by your favored candidate keep you home in November.  For the half of you whose candidate will be the Democratic nominee, realize that you need the losing candidate's supporters, and that they are not vanquished foes.  Almost everyone voting for both candidates recognizes the serious issues we face, we just disagree on who we think can best fix them.  We are all on the same side!  

The Republican path to victory this fall is incredibly narrow.  The only way they stand a chance is if we tear ourselves apart, like we appear to be doing right now.

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