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    you are just a troll.

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    "Perhaps a class on negotiations is in order."


    Time to make a stupid analogy:

    I once took a class where the professor asked us at the end of the term what grade we felt we deserved and asked us to justify it.  I probably only deserved a B and would've been fine with that grade, but I argued for an A, because maybe, just maybe I'd get it.  And I did, sorta; I got an A minus.  

    In this instance, Clyburn and much of the rest of the Dem leadership are asking for a lousy C on HCR.  It's a passing grade, I guess.  Will they get the C they desire, or will they cave further?  Better hope not, because a D or an F means you have to repeat the course, and I don't think anyone wants to go through this HCR nonsense again any time soon.

  • You may be right about the use of the word "conscience"; to be honest I kind of glossed over the title and read the actual diary.  (Shrug) sorry.   Forest for the trees, all that.  Happy holidays to you.

  • If you'll read my response you'll see that I don't agree with the diarist.   It really pains me that I'm on your "side" in this debate.  Stop being mean, please.   That goes for everyone.

  • I'm not a sock puppet.  I've been here since the 08 primary season.

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    Hey, this is a good diary.  I still am not sure I like this bill, but thanks for trying to improve the discourse on this site.

  • It may not be a winning argument, but it's true, especially when you factor in the ridiculous amount of student loans most have, plus the 3-8 years post med school residency that involves getting paid less than the average household income while working 80 hour weeks.  Plus, there's the aforementioned malpractice insurance.  If the costs for entering the medical world were significantly lowered, then salaries wouldn't be as much a part of the discussion.

    But it really isn't about the money, I guess.  Most people will be drawn to medicine for the right reasons, it just kinda sucks that PCPs get the (relative) shaft at the moment.  The PCP shortage is likely to get worse, by the way.  Lots of older docs are nearing retirement.

  • The disparity is even greater than that in my state (140k vs 300k or even more if I were to go into the pain mgmt route).  Of course, much of that is eaten up by the malpractice insurance rate, but we'll leave tort reform for a more appreciative blog...

    That said, 50% off my loans would make the PCP route a lot more doable.  Interest savings alone would be phenomenal.  

  • Yep.  I'm in med school now, and pretty much the only way I'd be able to become a primary care/family medicine doc is if this disparity in pay is addressed.  I'm going to graduate with over a quarter million in debt, and will also have to put in at least a few years at a residency that pays an hourly wage that a Subway sandwich artist would recognize.  So it's looking like I'll be another superfluous anesthesiologist, because I'd like to be out of debt before I become eligible for this Medicare expansion.  Many of my classmates are of the same mind.

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    Shut up, you stupid piece of shit.

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    Sigh.  Well, I guess its ok for us in Illinois to only have one real, effective Senator for the next two years.  

    I can't wait for Obama to be inaugurated just so that the federal layer of government here in Chicago has at least the possibility of competence.  Right now, the many layers of Daley's new machine/Cook County Board/Illinois state govt/Bush led federal govt are all failing miserably at just about everything.  It's embarrassing.

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    You know, the most important aspect of being a Senator is working for the state that you supposedly represent.  There's no way that Burris can do this effectively because he'll go down for eternity as Blago's guy and a symbol of the very worst corruption.  

    As a resident and voter in Illinois, I demand better than this old party hack; I certainly don't want anyone slimy enough to accept an appointment from Rod representing me.  STFU, Sen. Feinstein, and serve your constituents in Cali.

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    Good luck, though it would stink to lose your voice of sanity on the completely insane Cook County Board.

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    Why are you so unpleasant?

  • Yeah, it's 55% sure that my site is written by a  female.  Pretty sure it's just random, or maybe I really don't know anything about myself...


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