Farewell to WoW for some time

According to the overseas media reported that US investment institution Pal Research analyst believed that, because the WoW CD Key examination, inland plays the family possible temporary separation evil spirit beast three months. "The net easy to need to undergo two examinations, one is takes the evil spirit beastly world the business agent for World of Warcraft CD Key, another was said about material piece. He believed that the net easy and nine city's evil spirit beast connection stable transitions, how long China possibly will not play the family to be able to play normally, is decided by government's examination advancement. According to digs Wang to understand that these two examinations must pass through two different administration Department responsible for the work World of Warcraft CD Key, the examination unit respectively be Ministry of Culture and the news General publications administration. "even if all prepared already to complete, the official requisition procedure must, we think that inland played in the family 2-3 months the temporary separation evil spirit beast's forecast is reasonable. Recently, net easy CEO Ding Lei during the interview to acknowledge that inland will play the family to roam in the weekend echo at least for three months.

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This is a site

about US politics.  Your topic, as far as I can discern it, is not relevant here.

A few suggestions:

1. Learn basic English syntax.
2. Find a site where someone cares, and post there.

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this diary is spam

these types of diaries pop up every once in a while.  They're not worth responding to because the poster will never read your comments.

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