• You need to reread what Markos wrote. He's stating that DailyKos is establishing a new ActBlue page, and retiring the old one, which had once been jointly maintained by.... yadda yadda yadda....

    None of which is untrue. YOU are the one being dishonest.  Put away your hate, dude.

  • Reading the comments, I caught this little gem, it was priceless:

    unpoetaloco: And one more thing... Shouldn't the pro-family people be all over her for adopting a baby while single? Doesn't that threaten to destroy the fabric of the American family by their definition?


    blueinannarbor: Under the IOKIYR double-standard bylaws, it is not. If she were a non-conservative, it would be an affront the family values, decency, God, man, law and would warrant a drawing and quartering. However, she's a conservative, so what she is doing is a selfless, beautiful act of untold kindness and generosity. Whereas when a non-conservative single woman adopting a a child makes a mockery of fatherhood, she's allowing an otherwise under privileged child a better life. We must simply recognize the superiority of her motives and values and accept that we will never be as good as conservatives. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've just made my own lunch come up, so I must go.

  • I lost mine within the first week here, but I can only guess it's because I expressed my support for Obama shortly after arriving.

  • on a comment on HILLARYIS44 (UPDATED) over 6 years ago

    Do you remember the days, not too awful long ago, when you would watch the news, and it would go something like this:

    "A car accident on the thru-way had traffic snarled up for nearly an hour during rush hour this morning when a black man ran a red light.  No one was injured."

    We don't use those race qualifiers anymore.  Anyone who does is doing it for a reason.  Don't make excuses for her.

  • on a comment on HILLARYIS44 (UPDATED) over 6 years ago

    Maybe she was drunk?

    She would go to an important meeting... drunk and you would find that acceptable? Endearing?!


    I guess I have to at least be grateful that you'll support Obama, but Damn.  Stop making excuses for that horrible woman.  She says she'll vote for McCain too, and she's no better than the horrible people at hillaryis44.  

    Did you see her on Fox? She sounded just like the his44 crowd.  She says that 99% of "the blacks" that voted for him don't even know why they're voting for him.

    How would you feel if I said 99% of the women who voted for Hillary didn't even know why they voted for her? They only voted for her because they're female.

  • Grow.

    the fuck.


  • on a comment on Standing Ovation for Alegre over 6 years ago

    Well, sure, 18 million voted for Hillary, and 18 million voted for Obama, if you're going to round it off....

    But, that's not the point of my post.  The point of my post is that 18 million people aren't fucking stupid enough to be all pissy and vote for McLame just to make a point that they're mad that their candidate didn't win. That would mean that McLame would win with (a liberal measure) 57 million votes, and that just isn't going to happen.  He can't even get 200 people to a rally.

  • on a comment on Worst site in the world over 6 years ago

    Oh, well, then I guess my point is that you're a douchebag.

  • on a comment on Worst site in the world over 6 years ago

    For a few weeks, I was doing everything I could to get myself banned

    and it finally worked, what's your beef?

  • on a comment on Worst site in the world over 6 years ago

    if you can no longer post, you were auto banned. Reason: because you're a douchebag and post a lot of crap over there.  You get a lot of hide rates. autoban kicks in. voila. can't post anymore. capiche?

  • on a comment on Thanks but no thanks over 6 years ago

    You were only half disenfranchised. So was I. together, we make one!

    Lets clasp hands and sing, kumbaya!

  • on a comment on Well, I kept my word and did it over 6 years ago

    that was really gracious of you. ::eyeroll::

  • on a comment on Standing Ovation for Alegre over 6 years ago


    There are NOT 18 million people out there in this world that are that fucking stupid.

    That would mean you'd have to count the ones that were stupid enough to vote for Bush twice, PLUS add 18 million more, and that's just not possible.

  • on a comment on Standing Ovation for Alegre over 6 years ago

    Now THAT will get  standing ovation!

  • Yes, my mother is McCain's age. She calls them "conundrums"


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