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    The first candidate to actually answer the question of the most important job of the President to be "protect the Constitution" will get my support and my vote.  I'm so sick of this "I'm here to protect you from all the baddies out there" crap.

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    Stupid moves like this from Congress will just push content from Cable to the Internet.  Apple (and a host of other companies of course) are already letting you download shows to view on your TV.  It will be easy to provide "premium" content via iTunes or other services in companion with the Cable shows if this happens.

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    The Executive Office isn't the only one here.  I'd like to see some follow up on just how Sen. Specter let his Chief Counsel insert that language into the bill allowing these firings/hirings and if he's since fired this person.

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    At least altering MY sleep pattern is beneficial.  I've found I fall into routines of 11pm-5am or 1am-7am (give or take an hour).  Once I notice I've been in one routine for awhile I purposefully change the times I sleep and it seems to reinvigorate me creatively.  I'm much more focues and productive for a short time.

    Another sleep altering pattern I've noticed is if I sleep somewhere different in the house (couch, guest room or even convince the wife to switch sides) I dream like crazy!

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    I'd love to know how many American's would support a Muslim Presidential candidate (regardless of party).  Sadly it's not surprising so many people are willing to write off a candidate because of their religion.  I may hold someone's religious beliefs against them (I'm agnostic) but I couldn't see saying I wouldn't vote for them because of that trait alone.

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    I love Thanksgiving.  For our family it's all about getting together with family in an atmosphere we seldom do, the entire day devoted to nothing but hanging out with each other.  The history of it all is over looked really as it's the being with people you cherish that counts.

    Don't forget though, Black Friday the biggest shopping day of the year!

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    I only caught him vs. Cardin on Meet The Press but wow did Steele come across as simplistic and unable to expand on his talking points.  He was literally unable to answer some of Russert's questions (which isn't saying much) to the point of stammering.  It wasn't exactly a Patricia Madrid moment but he looked and sounded extremely inadequate for the job on MTP.  No offense to Madrid btw, I think she just had a brief moment of stage-freeze.

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    For those needing a little Patrick Fitzgerald update:
    http://stevegilliard.blogspot.com/2006/1 0/ooops-about-that-defense.html

    Looks like he schooled one of Libbey's "expert" witnesses in a pre-trial hearing.  Nice.

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    Is it me or does Corker sound like Geoge Bush Sr.?

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    Obama has plenty of time.  Not if he stays in Congress.  But he's a powerful enough figure already to retain an occasional spotlight for the next 20 years.  Personally I hope he does run for President in 2008 just because no one else in the field does much for me.  But he's already a strong candidate for that office now or in the future.

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    McCain was campaigning with Chris Matthews on Hardball and Matthews, minus the spittle he usually throws at guests, asked McCain about the suicide line and McCain uttered something about there needs to be more levity in politics.  Real funny there McCain, you are a hoot.

    He slithered past questions on the Military Commisions Act and Signing Statements saying he can't see how the MCA could allow torture and if it did he wouldn't have allowed it.  McCain comes across as weaker and weaker everytime he tries to make a political move.  If the media weren't so enamored of him, he wouldn't be anything more than a small time player in American politics.

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    As an aside, it's nice to see progressive bloggers on tv as well talking rationally about what we're doing rather than frothing at the mouth ala Malkin.  The vast majority of the country still gets their news from tv, pushing the progressive agenda on that medium is a good way to get the non-wired part of the country friendly with progressive bloggers and our message.

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    Seems like saber rattling to me to shore up the Rep. base and remind them of "Republican strength" vs. "Democratic weakness".  That will get the Repubs to the polls and that's what is desperately needed for them to retain either house.

    I can't see them invading Iran just because of the sheer number of troops it would take, something we don't have and would result in a huge public outcry from the military which would bode bad for Bush.  But, it's no surprise we have covert forces in Iran, I would hope we have had them there for years just to gain intelligence.  But a few missle strikes and fancy air force sortie's will play well in red country and get those votes out, that I can see Rove, er, Bush, doing.

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    #2?   Poo.

    Just to be fair, he may have a pass hanging from his rear-view mirror, those are legal as well.


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