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    Doesn't Mr. Armstrong deserve an award for the following statement?: "Obama is definitely the weakest nominee that Democrats have put up this decade."

    Mr. Armstrong, you are so unprofessional and so wrong on many levels. Please find a new profession.

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    Jerome Armstrong said, "Obama is definitely the weakest nominee that Democrats have put up this decade."

    Two words: Screw you.

    No wonder your post only has 8 comments. Everyone is at DailyKos or Open Left.


    Please find a new profession.

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    obama 338-200 is about as good as it's going to get. but we still have a month left. i still predict 273-265 obama.

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    man, this place is dead

    fox news online poll says biden won 58-42%

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    perhaps palin's strength is that she is expendable to an extent: from her own position of inexperience she will attack obama as being equally inexperienced while indicating that perhaps biden or clinton should be at the top the ticket. then mccain can take the high road. just a thought.

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    my comments were not directed at you in particular, but at the many comments today both here and on other sites that are generally excited about our prospects of defeating a mccain/palin ticket.

    we already know that mccain has a solid base of approximately 30% (those who continue to approve of bush's performance). and we all know obama could win the popular vote but lose the electoral vote.

    and the mccain/palin ticket just might play better than anticipated in nevada, colorado, and perhaps virginia. (obama needs one of these in addition to iowa and new mexico to win if he only carries 2004 states).

    like i said earlier and you reiterated, the election will rest to a great extent on the ground work laid by obama's campaign.  

    in the end, a mccain/palin ticket is formidable in a nation that elected bush/cheney twice.

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    we are naive to think that hillary supporters (even pro-choice ones) will not vote for mccain/palin simply because palin is pro-life.

    and we are also naive to think that somehow her lack of experience or quayle-like comparisons will turn people off. remember bentsen drummed quayle in the 1988 VP debate, but bush drummed dukakis in the general election.

    we are also naive to think that evangelicals will be turned off by her female ambition. palin is pro-life women with 5 children (one of which is about to leave for iraq) and she is a lifetime member of the nra. all of that trumps her female ambition.

    we are naive to think the republicans are desperate or have written this election off. that's exactly what they want us to believe.

    we are naive to think that mccain or the republicans are stupid.

    this election will be difficult to win and obama knows that. that's why his campaign and others have worked so hard to register new voters. we will definitely need them to win. And we need to continue to donate to and volunteer for his candidacy.

    take absolutely nothing for granted.

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    haven't some dems called obama a misogynist

    you forget that republicans tend to overlook things like racism, misogyny, etc.

    anti-choice, guns, and the bible are more important

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    to many republicans (and even some democrats and independents), qualifications are not as important as being anti-choice and a lifetime member of the NRA.

    remember, our nation elected bush twice

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    i agree

    a McCain/Palin ticket would be formidable

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    you know that photo has been doctored?

    just fyi

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    In an ideal world, Obama could have chosen someone who fits his theme of change more perfectly. Unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal world.

    Let's be honest, racism and its by-products are largely generational, and we have plenty of older folks who feel uncomfortable voting for someone they perceive as different. There's no guarantee that those same folks will vote for Obama with Biden on the ticket, but it at least gives him a chance.

    Obama is the candidate of change (in more ways than one) and Biden is the person who might make that transition a little easier for some people. Whether or not Obama's strategy works remains to be seen.

    Unfortunately, there are some people (young and old) who will probably never vote for Obama no matter who he has on the ticket. In the end, the best cure for race relations in America is to have someone as intelligent and kindhearted as Obama as president. But if he doesn't win in November, it could very well negate some recent gains in race relations.

    I'm certainly not advocating that we vote for Obama because of his race. Instead, we should look beyond his race, but sadly the media and others constantly portray him as African-American or Black. The fact is he is bi-racial, and there is no such thing as a pure race. We are all racial hybrids.

    Obama is qualified to be President of the United States with or without Biden, and his skin color is absolutely irrelevant. Wake up America! The time has come for change!

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    I agree with LordMike that McCain wants Ridge and I think McCain will get him.

    If he doesn't it's Rob Portman of Ohio or Romney.

    Wild cards are Lieberman or a female, but I just don't think McCain would feel comfortable with a female candidate. It would certainly produce some of the most awkward moments in political history.

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    It truly is silly season at MyDD.

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    no way.

    my bets on wesley clark.

    obama/clark 08?


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