Fair and Balanced

A single tree or a small puppy can cause more pollution annually than all the SUV's in the world. This is true, it was on FOX News. Also a lot of people don't know that Cindy Sheehan murdered her own son & then made it look like he died in Iraq. I've heard that no one has actually died in Iraq, but that Bill Clinton & Jimmy Carter have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians with their bare hands. History will straighten all this out, and George W. Bush will be known as the bravest & wisest president that this great nation has ever had. Just ask Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh or any of the other scholarly sages. It's all true. Saddam Hussein actually piloted the first plane that hit the World Trade Center. You can clearly see him in the news video escaping at the last second in a hang glider and smirking at America. God Bless the Republicans for getting us, our children, and our grandchildren in debt. That's what I call vision, with a capital "V". How else can young people learn about character unless they suffer hardship? I want to take money from orphans and give it to the wealthy Enron executives. They need the money to defend themselves from all the false charges that were brought against them by Cindy Sheehan, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Jane Fonda & Mother Teresa. God bless the brave men of Fox News....

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