Midnight Special - NC to DC

    Any North Carolina Hillary supporters out there?  Well, sign up and get on the bus that's leaving Greensboro at Midnight Friday, making a pickup stop near the Raleigh Airport and heading on up to Washington for Saturday morning's DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting.

    E-mail Ruth Owens to reserve a seat:  edgewise81@aol.com. Depending on the number going, the cost will be around $50.  The return trip will have you back home about 8 p.m. Saturday.

    Of course your reason for going is to tell the DNC to "count all the votes" but meeting Ruth should be worth the trip.  A private citizen with no connection to the campaign, Ruth has used her own money to reserve the bus, spent after work hours calling and e-mailing friends and friends of friends to put this little project together.  A virtual dynamo, this woman   campaigned for Hillary in Rockingham County (borders Greensboro) and with her fellow volunteers put it in the win column for their candidate.

    Who says one person can't make a difference?  They do it every day in many ways.  So climb aboard the Midnight Special, meet other Hillary Democrats and give Ruth some mojo for citizen activism.  Then tell the DNC to COUNT ALL THE VOTES!

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Florida to Obama: No You Can't

     When Barack Obama takes his traveling tent revival to Florida on Wednesday he can expect those wildfires to still be burning in the hearts of many furious Democrats.

    Protests are planned for every event he attends from the moment his plane touches down until he leaves the state.  From fund raisers to rallies, he'll be greeted by Floridians demanding that their votes be counted.

    One organizer says the "No you can't" message should make it clear that Democrats can't win in November with a 48-state candidate and that the Obama charm offensive is meaningless without his committment to demand full representation for Florida at the Democratic National Convention.

    The Florida political fires won't be extinguished until the delegates are recognized.  So prepare for the heat, Barack.  You may get some big bucks from Palm Beach and Miami elites but don't expect to feel the love from the Florida rank and file.    

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Obama, Return of the MCP?

   On a day when NARAL lost a lot of us longtime foot soldiers and contributors, we hear Barack Obama dismiss a female reporter and call her "sweetie".

   Asked a serious question he replies "hold on sweetie" as though he was speaking to a child or a 98 year old woman in a nursing home.

   We already had an inkling of his dismissive attitude towards women with the "you're likable enough, Hillary" putdown in New Hampshire and his casual tossing of "I love you too" to his planted fainters, but this disrespect for a working journalist who happens to be female it a "tell".  

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