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    The Dims have that margin, unless you count the Nelsons, Landrieu, Lieberfucker, Carper, Lincoln and the rest of the Red/pink/mauve state DINOs.

    I think Prez.O likely will let her fall by the wayside if there is any considerable opposition: too 'controversial,' too 'partisan,' too 'friendly to labor.'

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    Well, yes...that's true...corporate personhood is the single most destructive non-ruling ever not made by the SCROTUS, being derived from an erroneous head-note on a 19th Century case (Santa Clara Co, CA v. SoPac, iirc)

    I doubt you could get even Dennis Kucenich to introduce such a measure.

    It would be an automatic, irreversible (political) death sentence.

    Jesus Christ could not get such a bill onto the Congressional docket.

    NAGAHAPUN...No way, josefita...

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    Female & black, she could potentially steal a big chunk of the BHO/HRC thunder of the Dims.

    Of course, she's an incompetent, fatuous, gap-toothed bint, but who's gonna say anything about that, at the risk of being accused of being BOTH "racist" AND "sexist" (and probably anti-semitic, just for good measure)...

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    The GREAT Blue Bear

  • It's a quibble, but isn't it by definition, by now that impeachment is a dead issue? 180? days?
    got another good vowel, or another good I word, I know "Indict!"
  • where they showed you how the corporate media (there are no other kind) have been used over the last 125 years (mas o menos) to infantilize the masses, to install and reify instant gratification, and to enslave folks to a rabidly unfair, unjust, unsustainable life-world.

    Every public utterance by any member of the Corporation/State is always already propaganda, a "spin" which favors the preferred, official interpretation of events, or ideas.

    You don't have to control what people think, if you can control what they think about. In the corporate State, corporate media are State media. Controlling what you think ABOUT is their "job ONE!", their raison d'etre...

    Every new technology only adds to their capacity to control the agenda, the podia, the platforms. You think you rule, but there are always choke points, places where the information flow slows, and you become an identifiable quantum.

  • disseminated at home here is because the companies like Haliburton and KBR  are directed by boards on which sit members of the boards of GE and VIaCom and Disney, too, and who do not want to see the shit bobbing around in the punchbowl of their ovbscene profits.

    some several, mabye a dozen, GIs serviung in Iraq were electrocuted in showers that were im[properly and unsqafely, and probably criminally negligently set up by KBR contractors. THey're scott free, babies, scott free...

    the chinese had a suitable solution for war profiteers supplying shoddy products or faulty services. they'd identify some crook, give him a shovel and tell him to dig a hole. then they'd kneel the guy by the hole, and shoot him twice ini the head, dump the body in the hole and cover it with quick-lime. I dunno how it works as deterrence, but it is king-hell on recidivism...

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    to achieve that number, there'd need to be at least 300-315 "soi disant" Dims in the chamber, to account for the New/Bluedog Dims' defections.

    that's nagahapun...

    Just like there's no way the bosses/elites/oligarchs are gonna let their 41 senators slip away...

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    In other words: he (Obama)'s no better than all the rest of them.

    There ya go...

  • steve468 on Fri Mar 07, 2008 at 08:21:28 AM MST wrote:  I am of same sediment on what was said by Olbermann as you are.

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    They do not believe the Cuban Revvolution can outlast the Castro brothers, and they are planning a massive campaign to recapture Cuba, and regain their old properties. If McStain or any GOPuke is in the WhiteHouse, they'll expect (and get) USer military support. Cuban-Americans, in my experience (I new a BUNCH of 'em in Louisiana in the '80s), are all too eager to drop the pretense of the hyphen and revert to being Cubans (as long as THEY are running things)...

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    Turn out has been high, by historical standards, but the great, surly beast of the Murkin Mid-dull is yet to be heard from.

    I am pretty certain (unfortunately) that Mid-Dull Murka is NOT ready for ITS president to be a photogenic, charismatic, black dude with a funny name.

  • is it possible that some of these crossover Reepublicans might actually want to see Obama win and they're impressed with him as a candidate?

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha( gasp)

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    Just another perfumy, worthless, cosmetic product, a nostrum, a notion, designed to cover over some of the stink of rot and corruption in our politics.

  • What do you mean "IF"?

    Of course it's true.

    Remember his famous association with Donnie McClurg, the homophobic, "former" gay "entertainer?"

    Being publically associated with endorsing or approving, or even tolerating homosexuality, gay marriage, or any other GLBT issue would be fucking POISON in the 'black (church) community'.


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