Please Help My Eco-Friendly Business

I do not like to beg, and I know not everyone on here considers me a friend.  But I will beg because I know not what else to do.  This is damaging to my pride but I need help.  My wife and I run a company called Weather Warners. We send Tornado Alerts to your phone and publish a global warming e-zine.  In fact, I started this business because we care about people.

Well the banks don't.  Our credit is still good, but the Small Business Administration considers our business "speculative".  In other words, no loan.  Actually, one banker said I was crazy to think he would invest in "liberal propaganda".  Bank of America and the like control this country.  They pick and choose who succeeds, not you.  Unless you help.

I have posted a link to a Paypal terminal where you can donate to help us fund our business.  Here it is: =_flow&SESSION=cbCyVLyjED12m7jGvnvbS Br373AScB6IwVUNP7GjFOVBGZJQvI5oyX1QgOnfj fZ8hPUesW&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f9 41d8253416939c6057d1d6643efcf2af0c35fa53 e9f308f Click "Send Money" and type in in the send money field along with your e-mail address in the "from" section.  I want to let you know that everyone who donates will get the service and magazine for free, regardless of the amount you donate.  I know I should not beg but I don't know what to do.  You can go to our site and see that our business is legitimate and worthy.  I am trying very hard to save our business but hopes are fading.

I guess most of you donate to candidates and I should not expect you to donate to us, but I humbly ask you to.  If nothing else please at least visit our site and let others know what we are doing, and if possible, cross-post the diary and these links so we can get some help.  Please understand that I would not do this unless I was in dire need, and it is upsetting to have to do this, but I believe in what we are doing.  Once again the Paypal link is cmd=flow&SESSION=xvxp8UhrFKGkY7cAw a-2BW0_NxzQQlnFFkoKjtBe16m4Gz2Smm2yrpGSK Rv0wf9vGWDpG&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db 1f941d8253416939c6057d1d6643efcf2af0c35f a53e9f308f Click "Send Money" and type in to direct who the money is going to and your e-mail address in the "from" section.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

                                 Todd Bennett
                           Chief Operations Officer  
                             Weather Warners Inc.

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Re: Please Help My Eco-Friendly Business

I wanted to suggest that one way that might help your business would be to market to large users such as television and radio stations, newspapers, utility companies, county governments, etc. In my area several television stations offer weather alerts to cell phones, pagers, etc. free and contract with private companies to provide the service. Some county governments have started doing that as well.

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