• Fair points WSB but at the same time, if he's going to keep up these same tactics, I'd like to see him get something in return. I fear that he's just going to keep conceding to the right without getting anything for it. He has certainly earned our benefit of the doubt, but at what point will he begin to spend his political capital rather than keep accumulating it? I agree with you that he is looking at the longterm, not just the short but shit, I've been told "just wait until Democrats are elected..." for 8 freakin years and all we've gotten is rightwing policy. Now we control everything, how much longer do I have to wait? /tantrum

  • I agree that it's not a terribly controversial statement, but it was not necessary. The mere act of saying it, pitting business versus government as though one is the hero and one is the villain, is a rightwing frame in itself. The fact is that government can be a source of job growth and that's not actually a bad thing. Why should it be?

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    Credit where credit is due: you sure find a variety of ways to say the same shit. Look, the problem with this diary -- and all your similar diaries -- isn't that you have a point of view that is critical of Democrats or even that your point seems to be the absurd notion that someone who advocates for a male Democrat against a female Republican is by definition anti-woman or anti-feminist. The real problem is that it is a waste of space and a waste of your and our time. If you think we are the enemy, which is how you treat us, then why are you here? You certainly have no interest in winning hearts and minds. Instead, why don't you write about a great female candidate. I mean if you think the key to equality is equal power then tell us about females who are running and who should earn our support. But as far as I can tell, you simply throw flames and do nothing constructive whatsoever.

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    hmm, interesting that at local levels, the pragmatists are outmaneuvering the purists. certainly at the national level the purists still rule and will lead the party to a few more years of continued electoral irrelevance at the national level. but perhaps the pragmatists aren't as far behind the curve as I'd thought if these stories are any indication.

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    would be a nice switch.

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    haha. well, Jerome called me before the thing started and was like "you wanna come down close?" but I declined. I was happy in those seats actually. look at that view!

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    Merry Christmas to me!

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    I spoke to two friends of mine (reg'd Republicans) who voted for McCain and they're both very impressed with Obama's transition. One of them was losing faith with McCain as the election approached so if he had had a couple more weeks, he apparently would have voted for Obama. I get the sense that my friend is not alone in this sentiment. But at the same time, these guys are not movement conservatives, they're moderates, albeit horribly misguided ones. But it does seem as though they had inordinately low expectations of Obama and he's more than exceeding them. But the real test is with folks like my Dad. Haven't broached the subject yet...

  • it really was quite amazing to see self-professed progressives out wingnut the wingnuts when it came to hating on Hillary.

  • ah, yeah, I got ya.

    I don't dispute the idea that the magic of 60 may have been overblown but it did provide a narrative and a goal to work toward. But yeah, it was wielded rather cynically during the Lieberman fight.

  • While I agree with you that the run-off was largely a formality, I take issue with the claim that 60 was never in the realm of possibility. But you seem to be suggesting that it was foolish to invest so much time, energy and money in the race in the first place and that if we'd only focused on fewer races, Franken would be the winner by now. Simply don't agree.

    As for Lieberman, I'd actually make the case that Obama reached out to Lieberman precisely because he knew we wouldn't get 60. If you know you need moderate Democrats and Republicans on board, who better to have in your corner than the guy who fancies himself their leader. I'm not saying it's gonna work; I don't trust Lieberman as far as I can throw him, but if I'm Obama I can see making nice with the guy rather than having a vengeful Lieberman controlling a swing vote faction that essentially dictates cloture motions.

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    I agree that Debra Bowen is a rising star and she'd be a great governor but she wants to replace Feinstein in the Senate and that's where I want her as well. But couldn't agree more about how great she is!

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    remember that whole thing where the Franken campaign announced they're only down by 50 votes? If they were up by 4100, I think they'd probably have a call or send an email.

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    welcome, Charles!

  • too early? what's that?


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