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    he's now in favor of simple majority to pass a budget.

  • great! if you want to come to the election party tonight, details:

    Nick's Taste of Texas
    545 N. Citrus
    Covina 91723
    between San Bernadino Road and Front Street.

    Parking available in the structure behind the restaurant

    Light Refreshments will be provided

    RSVP to:

    or email RSVPforJudyChu@gmail.com

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    How is he going to reframe taxes to overcome decades of anti-tax messaging? What are his plans for finally getting to a fiscally sound place revenue-wise? How is he going to overcome the structural deficiencies that make California ungovernable so that he leaves the office a bit better off than Gray Davis or Arnold Schwarzenegger did/will?

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    Thanks, Jerome, for everything! And thanks, guys. It's been quite a ride here.

    And yes, happy birthday to Sarah, she rocks!

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    re CA-32, no, no shot at stealing the seat. funny enough Betty Chu is now sending out mailers criticizing Judy Chu, with a picture and all. Hell, I thought her strategy was to confuse people into thinking she was Judy but here she is reminding people which is which.

    conventional wisdom that this seat is going to go to either Judy Chu or Gil Cedillo still stands and Judy has all the momentum right now. Plus the local paper's endorsement plus Loretta Sanchez's endorsement. things are looking good for Judy but people need to keep working. it's not over until May 19th!

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    Thanks, Zeitgeist!

    She's actually really progressive, which her votes in the Senate since her appointment bear out, as does her stance in support of marriage equality.

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    Born in NYC actually and lived there for 3 years in the 90s but my Mom is currently in CT, so I'll be landing there to start out.


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    great stuff, Jorge! Judy Chu is a great candidate. As you know, I'm working for her. Sorry we didn't meet when I was at HQ on Saturday. saw Judy making calls, very cool.

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    well, then I look forward to Specter clarifying. if he is joking, I'd like him to say: "I was clearly joking in my interview with the NYT. The people of Minnesota have spoken and it's clear that Al Franken will be their next Senator. My friend Norm Coleman would be wise and gracious to bow out as soon as possible." I don't mind falling for the joke if that's the result. and btw, if he was kidding, someone should tell the NYT.

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    where in my writing about this have I declared Specter's switch a victory for us? my opinion from moment one was at worst this gives us nothing, at best it offers us a Senator who votes with us 25% more often than he would have before. but either way, to ensure Specter is a better Senator between now and Nov. 2010, he must be challenged in the primary.

    I think we agree more than you think we do. we can have 70 Democrats in the Senate, it doesn't matter if we don't have 60 decent ones.

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    Just a little advice, if there's an article you DON'T want people to read, don't write a diary with a link to it. I wouldn't have known about the article if not for this diary, but now I do and I intend to read it. So thanks.

    Next time, try using a diary to actually rebut the article. I'd actually really like to read that. Instead we just get an urging to trust the film not the article with nothing to base it on but your word. How about make a case instead? Make an argument and provide evidence for that argument so there's something we can learn.

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    Maine is a blue state but they love "their girls", as my brother who lives there refers to his Senators. although he was not forgiving of Collins last year, who, as he put it, only challenged Bush when it didn't matter. I do think Collins could have been vulnerable against a more effective challenger. Allen was unable to get anything going for whatever reason.

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    heckuva job, Susan

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    yeah you're right. you've convinced me. obama's just Bush 2.0. how could I have not seen it?

    umm, seriously, bitching about the president like this and constructively criticizing him to exert pressure from the left are two different things.
    it would be nice if people learned the difference.

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    The radicalization of the right:

    In another sign that could be troubling for Specter, the current poll finds that 79% of Pennsylvania Republicans have a favorable opinion of the "Tea Party" protests against big government spending and higher taxes held across the nation last week. Thirty percent (30%) know someone personally who took part. Overall, 82% of Pennsylvania Republicans say that the federal government has too much money and too much power.

    Thank you, teabaggers!


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