Romney's Plastic Nature Makes for an Inauthentic Candidate

Unlike Mitt Romney’s political beliefs my feelings on Romney have never flip flopped. I never trusted his views because I never actually believed that he believed them. Romney has provided us with years of evidence that he is inauthentic at best and generally perceived as plastic.

Based on this premise, the Super PAC that I founded, AmericanLP, put our resources behind creating ads that mock Mitt Romney. Some of you might remember these ads from the way we crowd sourced ideas and concepts in the past.

As part of our January “Messing with Mitt” campaign we will begin airing two new attack ads in New Hampshire. The ads are designed to mock GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney by highlighting his “plastic” nature. “Mitt Romney v. Ken doll” is a new 30 second TV ad produced to highlight the inauthentic nature of Romney’s political beliefs. A second ad, “Stretch Romney” will also be aired to highlight the lack of core political values held by Romney. The first dozen airings of the commercials will begin airing on WMUR TV in Manchester after Saturday night’s debate.

Republican and Democrats across the spectrum can agree on one thing: Mitt Romney appears to have no core convictions. While Romney might be bright, disciplined, hard-working and successful, he doesn’t have any true and sound personal beliefs. There is something profoundly inauthentic and unreal about a man who will change his position on any issue, any time, and always from less popular positions to more popular positions. There is one word that continually pops up any time political observers gather to discuss Mitt Romney: ‘Plastic.’ We want Republican Party voters as well as Democrats and Independents to start viewing Romney as a comical character so devoid of authenticity and core values that he is fundamentally unfit for the Presidency.
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Romney's Plastic Nature Makes for an Inauthentic Candidate
I also think the same thing about this he shouldn't certainly think this way..that he is inauthentic in his speeches and it will be difficult for people to believe in him in the near future. Cazare Predeal
by britanny 2012-01-13 02:14AM | 0 recs


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