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    Hi.  Thanks for this diary.  I have a friend who's gone totally awesomely bitter due to the whole "Hillary's-nomination-got-stolen" thing.  Now I have some more ideas how I can answer my friend's bitter comments.

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    Aaaaaaw...  the poor Prezzie-who-cried-'Iraq'...

    How long is it going to take him to blame his fundraising-disabilities on 9/11, do you think?

  • I already did, as well.  It felt good to finally "put my money where my mouth was", so to speak... :)
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    To quote an article from Yahoo news on this:
    Appealing for support, Bush used the word  "understand" 25 times in a nearly hour-long news conference. "I hope the American people understand -- there is still an enemy that would like to strike the United States of America, and they're very dangerous," he said.

    I understand something as well: that there is indeed an enemy that would like to destroy everything worthwhile that the US stands for...  it's only too bad that that enemy lives at the White House and that all his Republican allies have been bought.

  • B. Clinton and the Dems = 1 lie, no American dead

    Bush and the Republicans = lots of deception, 2000+ Americans dead...  and this shows they're still not ready to start letting the dying stop.

    Now, which of those crowds would you prefer to be "in charge" in America?

  • How about this one:

    "Once again, it shows the Democrats use scare tactics. They have no conviction. They have no principles. They have no ideas," Frist said.

    Yeah right!  Isn't it the Republicans that have been party to Plame-gate, the deceptions to sell the war on Iraq, etc. etc., etc.??!!!  (That particular list goes ever on, sadly.)

    Show me a Republican who can recognize an honest principle if it bites him, and I'll show you a true minority-of-one Republican!

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    if the Republicans knew these scandals were going to become public knowledge, it's easiest for them to do damage control if they all are disclosed at almost the same time.  A person that might note one scandal may get distracted from noticing the others.  Also, the sooner they're disclosed, the sooner they'll be forgotten or considered 'old news' by the public.  I'll bet they'll try to get specific instances of Democratic power abuses published as far seperated in time as they can, so that they can keep telling the public how corrupt Dems are for longer, and also they'll try to get such scandals published at times as close to elections as possible.
  • I don't even want to think about a Jeb Bush/Cheney ticket!  Still, it would be a nice bit of quid pro quo: Jeb deserves something for giving his bro the presidency in 2000, doesn't he?
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    Um, this is just a random thought, but after I finished reading the PDF, I was thinking, perhaps it might be a good idea to have a kind of "who's who" list of blogs and other sites that would be of interest for newbies to the politics-on-the-net scene...  For example, is there a Democratic version of the Sludge- er Drudge Report?  I'm sure active bloggers would know, but newbies wouldn't...
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    I'd like to second the call for some kind of list of explanations for jargon and/or often used abbreviations on this site...  The abbreviation for Republican noise machine one does figure out after a while, but I'm still mystified by 'trifecta', and the explanation of that one at dictionary.com didn't help much...
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    Rove is in the Whitehouse, of course.  After all, Bush said he'd fire whoever leaked, but Bush is Republican, and Republicans get away with deceptions.  Clinton should have learned from Republicans!
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    "Will the governator be back?"


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    Personally, when people express the opinion "Bush is good, coz he's a Christian" and such, I get ... bothered, to say the least.  As far as I'm concerned, just saying you're a Christian doesn't automatically make you one.  Bush and his cronies deceived the American people into supporting the current war in Iraq (which the PNAC'ers wanted way before 9/11).  How "Christian" is that?  Not to mention his and the GOP's other abuses of Christianity.  I won't say that there aren't Dems that wouldn't stoop to doing such things either.  But the current GOP crimes against the interests of Christianity are very visible, and I'm calling them on it.


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