During the most recent presidential election campaign, I happened to ask what was so wrong about Clinton's lying about his affair with Monica L.  Except for Bill, Hillary and Monica, that all was surely was no one else's business, right?  The exceedingly vehement response to that was that Clinton had committed a horrible crime by encouraging someone else to actually lie to Congress!  Now, only a year and a bit later, we've all found out about Bush's illegal spying on Americans which he chose to do in spite of Congress's explicit refusal to give him that power.  So, where have all those 'Congress hallowing' Republicans gone?  Why aren't they being just as loudly incensed about Bush's contempt for Congress as they were during Clinton's presidency?  Who are the hypocrites now?

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Re: Hypocrites?

One is a foreign act of going against the law, in which the judicial branch gives linacy to, and the other one is an act against domestic law, which courts doesn't show linacy to.  Other countries do the same thing.  The guy that stabbed Monica Selis got off without doing any time because the act was outside the country.  I don't agree with it, but it is a fact.

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