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    So if he votes for her, what grade will he receive, an F? a B? Big f*cking deal. Baucus has an A right now so he's been loyal to the NRA, so tell me their going to throw a loyal soldier under the bus for one vote on a nominee who's going to win anyway.

    Baucus is a major dick.

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    How about:

    Will you at long last teach your children about condoms?!?

    Who'll be carrying the shotgun at your daughters wedding, you, your husband, or Both?

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    Ewww cats! Me no likey!

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    why would I care if someone else decides to own a pet or not? I see it as responsible to not own a pet if you know you are unable to care for it properly.

    I think too many people feel the need to have a pet to somehow "complete" them and have no concept of the responsibility.

    Same with kids.

    In short, what a stupid fucking poll!

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    Thank you for your hard work, enthusiasm, and service!

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    Hillary who?

  • Um, yay?

    What took so long? Halliburton has been stealing for  5 years now.

    Obama and Hillary should be ashamed. Bunnitine Greenhouse testified in '04 that she was being tossed out for blowing the whistle and noone stood up for her.

    Oh that's right, we were to busy voting to give Bush the power to attack Iran.

    My bad.

  • Oh and as far as VP.

    She shouldn't take it and she shouldn't insist that it is offered to her.

    She'll have much more power in the Senate now and can use it to leverage for her UHC plan, insuring her place in history for eternity.

    She would also walk, into the White House in 2016, scratch that, be carried into the White House on velvet pillows.

    VP would be beneath her and if I were Obama, I wouldn't want her around after she tried to undermine me in every way possible.

  • "Personally, I don't think it's a big deal that she didn't concede tonight. Come on, tonight was Obama's night; she wants her concession to be her moment and hers alone."

    The point is she distracted from "his" moment and continued to undermine him.

    "I won, I won, I won and I'm not getting out." becomes the story. She had the opportunity to pass the torch, unify and strengthen the party in one master stroke while still holding on to her power and even increasing her power.

    She blew "her moment".

    Also by enumerating "what she wants" she gives the impression that Obama doesn't want the same thing when nothing could be further from the truth.

    All this over the back drop of McCain's pitiful prebuttal speech in NOLA.

    This would have put him back on his heels big time.

    I feel for her, but when she pulls crap like this to undermine the party's nominee for "her moment" my blood boils.

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    Aww how gracious!

    I can't believe she didn't remind you of how she really won and everybody still really wants her. I mean ya never know when a Robert Kennedy scenario might rear it's ugly head. Right Hillary?

    Just sayin.

    She's in it for you, just remember that.


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    Can someone tell me why Hillary "needs some time" to think this through? She's been losing for months now and her delegate count barely budged for weeks.

    She could have unified the party in one fell swoop of graciousness and integrity, but had to give the knife one more twist.

    Oh, that's right, she did it for the voters.

    Screw Obama, he wasn't supposed to be around after super Tuesday.

    Uppity . . .er . . .upstart!

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    I voted for her in AZ and when she turned negative I was outta there.

    She had to stick a shiv in him tonight. She couldn't be gracious.

    She could have worked everything through behind the scene and unified the party in one spectacular, unbelievably gracious stroke.

    She chose the low road.


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    $300 right to Mark Penn who is responsible for her loss. Good for you.

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    She could have worked in coordination with his campaign to concede and accept the VP if she really wanted it. Selfish.

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    I have to say that if the roles were reversed I'd be saying the same thing about Obama. I'm not a Hillhater but she is screwing the party by dragging down thew nominee and placing doubt on his legitimacy. Effing bitch.


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