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I want to buy more WOW Gold recently. I have been to many sites before and I found they are cheating players sometimes. What players really need is a reliable site supplying cheap and good WOW Gold. The service is important too. We want to get the cheapest WOW Gold and best service. I have played wow for a long time and I have deep emotion in it, but it does not appeal my much attention cuz I know I have to live in reality.
People have only been able to get their hands on the WoW themed Mountain Dew Game Fuel within the last couple of weeks (and is only officially supposed to be in stores today), despite the months of hype being thrown behind the product. Throwing more gasoline on the hype-fire comes the new Game Fuel commercial, which you can watch above. Watch it a few times, actually. You may need it to fully comprehend what you've just watched. I have told many players not buy much WOW Gold. It is really a waste of money. If you have a good site saving your money, it is a good idea to buy more Cheap WOW Gold. I have played wow for many years. I am a super game player now. I heard of many sites supplying WOW Gold and I chose one at last. Maybe it is not the best one but it is the one made me feel comfortable. The customer service is better and WOW Gold there is cheaper than other sites.
It's terrible. Nobody who actually plays WoW will find this commercial anything but corny. It's definitely not aimed at us. Or if it is, the people who made it probably... you know, shouldn't have been the ones to make it. And does it frighten anybody else that even though they used two females as the soda-swilling gamers, one of them turned into a dude? I mean, play whatever avatars you want in-game, but there's something disturbing about a pretty young lady hulking out and turning into a bulging green monstrosity. And I'm not talking She-Hulk. I'm talking a throbbing mass of masculine muscle. Augh. I'm not sure I want to let my girlfriend drink this stuff anymore.
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