OH-2: The Commercial, The Poll, "Swift Boating" & the Pivot

From the diaries--Chris

Update (Chris): Schmidt's campaign manager is out. The campaign has been taken over by Republicans from D.C. who plan to go huge negative. Rumors are now circulating the the Republican ad buy will be close to one million dollars. Also, check out the great video on the race in Al Rodgers' diary.

Update 2: Apparently, the campaign manager is staying. Also, apparently a conservative group will be running ads against Schmidt this weekend, telling conservatives to stay home. That's fine with me.


I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I am going home today to Chicago for the weekend (a wedding I must attend on Sunday). I will be back on Monday to take everyone down the stretch.

The good news is, Bob Brigham will be flying into SW Ohio tonight to pick up where I leave off. Swing State Project will not miss a beat on this at all. And as you all know, Bob is the best around when it comes to getting a story out there--so I am sure an even wider audience will be reading about Paul Hackett by the time I return.

Also: Contributing is great, there is a mechanism in place so the money won't get here too late to make a difference.

But what they need now is volunteers on Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday (Election Day). So, if you can make it down, housing is available.


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OH-2: Swift Boating of Hackett Kicks Into High Gear

From the diaries--Chris

Eric Minameyer was just the beginning.  I knew it was important when I got a call saying, "We need the bloggers now more than ever, and this has nothing to do with money."

Eric Minameyer, an advisor to Jean Schmidt, was just the beginning of the "swift boating" of Paul Hackett in what appears to be a coordinated effort by her campaign.  Upon arriving at Hackett HQ this morning to take some photos and videos, I was shocked to hear that the deplorable tactics have been taken to a new level in the past 24 hours.

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OH-2: On the Ground (A picture is worth...)

From the diaries--Chris

Just yesterday I arrived in Ohio's Second Congressional District for the special election between Paul Hackett and Jean Schmidt. I will have much more later, but I want to point out two things in the interim.

1.) The Hackett campaign held a wildly successful canvass earlier today--over 100 people showed up the knock on doors, and that was at one of seven cavnasses taking place district-wide today.

2.) These are two very different campaigns, as the photos below illustrate. For more information, please check-in at Grow Ohio, where I will be posting updates more frequently--with photos and video.

Democratic & Republican HQ at 2 P.M. Today

Paul Hackett's campaign needs volunteers every day this week, and especially next weekend through Election Day. If you can make it, email campaign HQ at: info@hackettforcongress.com

10/25/04: What a Difference a Day Makes

From the diaries--Chris

On the last play from scrimmage in the 3rd quarter, Cincinnati Bengals running back Rudi Johnson took the handoff from Carson Palmer and scampered 36 yards to the end zone giving the team a comfortable 20-10 lead.  The Bengals would not look back, presumably to the delight of Jean Schmidt and the 65,806 fans at Paul Brown Stadium watching Cincinnati's first Monday Night Football game at home in a decade a half.

In Iraq, Marine Corps Major Paul Hackett and the men in his unit were en route by military transport helicopter from Ramadi to Fallujah where they served as gatekeepers for supplies coming in and out of the city notorious for some of the worst violence seen in the war.

October 25, 2004 was a defining day in the lives of the two candidates running for election in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District.  For Major Paul Hackett, the Democratic candidate in the special election, the day began his critical work in stopping any untoward supplies from entering the city, keeping the military and Iraqi civillians from further harms way.

(Cross-post from Grow Ohio)

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County Democratic Party Website Project

From the diaries--Chris

I'd venture to say that most states have the same problem.  The problem being, too many county Democratic Party organizations don't even have a website.  I bet that the net-savvy group here is just the audience to take the lead and rectify that problem in your own states, or at the very least, your own county.  This is something we are rectifying in Ohio right now.  

(Cross-posted from Grow Ohio)

A little less than a year ago, Bob Brigham and I found that almost 3/4 of the Democratic state party websites were void of any sort vehicle for direct participation and communication with the grassroots.  In short, thirty-six state party websites did not have a blog or a forum to communicate with potential voters, volunteers, and contributors (Ohio was one of the ones that did--though rarely used).

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Feigned GOP Outrage in Nebraska: MSM Takes Bait

Most people probably haven't heard much about this story, but in Nebraska, the GOP has temporarily succeeded in getting the local media to take its eye off the ball.

You see, the Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star doesn't seem to think that thousands of people having a difficult time voting in northern Omaha is a big deal. But when an innocuous reference to Carlos Castillo, Douglas County election commissioner," as "Tio Thomas" appeared on the Nebraska Democratic Party blog, it was a full-feature article, complete with feigned GOP outrage and calls for resignation.

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Philly Inquirer: Pennacchio v. Casey v. Santorum on Issues

The largest paper in Pennsylvania, and eighth largest in the nation, The Philadelphia Inquirerpenned another piece on Pennsylvania's U.S. Senate race today.  This one focused on a few of the "social issues," and ended with a nice illustration of where each of the candidates in the field (Chuck Pennacchio, Bob Casey Jr., and Rick Santorum) stand on them.

It's a strange political environment we are operating in, where pointing out a candidate's positions on the issues is seen as an attack.  But as the Inquirer notes, there is a primary, and one one that provides a clear choice between candidates.

To win the nomination, Casey must first get by Chuck Pennacchio, a University of the Arts professor who supports abortion rights.

Of course, this primary is about more than just choice.  Certainly it's about advancing issues of progress.  It's about building a grassroots movement in Pennsylvania that will win elections in 2006, 2008, 2010, and beyond.  And it's about the need to elect just one U.S. Senator who will always stand up in the Senate, deny unanimous consent, and provide a voice for people.

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Action Hero Gov. Chickens out in Berkley -- LiveBlog

Not a very good week for California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Bay Area.  First their were the mass protests in San Francisco, his approval rating dropping to a paltry 43%, and today, the action hero known as Governor was a no-show for a speaking engagement with Bayer.

Girlie Man?  Yeah.

Ahnold, who is "not beholden to special intersts," has taken tons of money from the pharmaceutical indusrty, vetoed a bill making safe importation of affordable medicine.  Today, the California Nurses Association, Machinists Local 1546, Teamsters, and teachers all showed up at the event to protest to support patients, students, workers, and affordable health care.

The only person missing was Arnold.  (cross-posted from Swing State Project)

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Definitive Rick Santorum Diary: Your Talking Points

From the diaries--Chris

As I have said before, my position on Chuck Pennacchio's U.S. Senate campaign allows me the opportunity to learn a lot more about Rick Santorum (R-VA/PA) than any American should have to.

Actually, it is probably for the best.  It allows me to accumulate the information and pass it along to people like you and I who struggle every day to get a message of progress out to our friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, and the rest of the country.

We do so in name of saving our democracy from the theocrats and dishonest brokers in Congress and the White House who will not hesitate to undermine the Constitution because the 218 year old document is not in-line with their vision for tyrannical theocracy.

Leading the charge against democracy and the Constitution in the United States Senate is Rick Santorum.  Here is what you need to know about the Senator from VA/PA.

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Philadelphia Inquirer Pens Piece on Pennacchio

Today, the eighth largest newspaper in the United States, The Philadelphia Inquirer, introduced Chuck Pennacchio's U.S. Senate campaign to over 750,000 people.

"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win."

-- M Gandhi

I would say we are now somewhere inbetween steps 2 and 3.  And regardless of the final tally on primary day we will win.  We have no choice but to win, because as the article points out, this campaign is about "fighting for a rebirth of the Democratic Party."

It is a fight we cannot afford to lose--no matter what establishment figures choose to ignore, laugh, or fight us.

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