In Depth: Melancon vs. Tauzin III (LA-03)

Last week I gave a "cheap seats" overview on the front page of DailyKos on the two Louisiana House races remaining this election cycle.  After re-reading the post, I think I cheated the Democratic candidate from LA-3 a bit. It was a bit "information light." So, this time I decided let's take it a bit more in-depth.

Without further ado, let's go inside Charles Melancon (Democrat) vs. Billy Tauzin III (Republican) in Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District.

You can get involved by heading down to the Bayou on a DCCC sponsored trip.  Information HERE.

Or, you can contribute to the Melancon effort HERE

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Ralph Regula (OH-16): Nobody Uses the Internet

This is one of those headlines that you figure to read in The Onion or some periodical that mocks the news, but it isn't.  Ralph Regula actually said, "The vast majority of the people don't even use the internet or pay attention to it." I am not kidding, he said it.  

The link to the article is here.

He answered in response to a reporter who questioned him about Jeff Seemann's (Dem. OH-16) use of the internet in his campaign against Regula.  

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Live from Bush's visit in Canton, Ohio

So, W. visited Canton, Ohio today, re-affirming its status as the "political epicenter," or as other pundits like to refer to it as, "the bellwether county in the election's most critical state.

I showed up early to do my part for Jeff Seemann's Congressional campaign, which is headquartered ironically enough 2 blocks away from where the Preznit spoke.

The following is my account of the days activities:

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