• Interesting ...

    When exactly was Ned Lamont in the State House?

    Cause, ummm, he wasn't.

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    Forward it to BarackObama.com

    That is, if you want to help Obama.  If you don't, there are other uses, but I will refrain from peddling those here.


  • We didn't go silent for two weeks.  This is obviously going to become the conventional wisdom about the race (and already is), but I have to do my best to push back against it where I can.


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    I have a mission for you ... if you choose to accept it (which I am sure you will).  Let's talk tomorrow -- the latest on Monday.


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    There are any number of locally made Ned Lamont videos that were far more effective than that one as well.  How about CT-Bob and Barara Boxer?  What about Spazeboy trapping Joe Lieberman in the stairwell and getting him to pledge he'd caucus with the Democrats?  Or the "Have you forgotten" video.

    I sense "See Dick Run" received that award precisely because it was made by a political consultant in a contest determined by a caucus of political consultants.


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    The support of net-roots organizations was key to Democrats success in 2006. Frontline members will be required to build an aggressive online operation with the goal of acquiring 30,000 e-mail addresses by November 2008.

    I wonder how many House candidates built an email list of 30,000 people during the 2006 cycle.  If I had to set an over/under, I'd put it at 1 -- and probably bet the under.  That, of course, doesn't count candidates who bought email lists, which could put them over but does little to show committment to the medium/grassroots, netroots outreach.  Interesting metric to define success on that bullet point.  I'd love to hear from Matzzie on this.  Also, I think Matt, Chris, Laura and the good folks at BlogPAC who have done great work building local online infrastructure could help set additional goals for online outreach that are more indicative of a serious effort to reach out.  That said, seeing an acknowledgement from the new Chair and our inclusion in the memo is heartening.

    As an aside, I wonder who replaced Jesse Lee over at the DCCC, who was an invaluable resource to the committee.


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    Don't forget search engine optimization.


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    I think we did that (leveraging local blogs) well with ned this past cycle -- real well.

    I can't find the link, but I wrote sometime in the beginning of 2005 that the local blog would be the biggest development of the 2006 cycle -- but focused on field more than comm I believe.  Ultimately, that is what Jerome and I tried to do with Grow Ohio and Senator Sherrod Brown ... but for many reasons, didn't quite work as well as it could have.

    Anyway, I am interested in this al-qaeda angle, Jerome.  Please write more as you learn it.


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    Other Adam.  The one with a camera taking pictures of Stoller laying down in the bar, inches from coma (with Adam Green dancing on top of the bed), at around midnight.


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    Someone keep Adam away from this thread.


  • What?

    What does Tim Johnson have anything to do with this?

    Further, I think "the hack" was one of our shining moments in PR pushback, to be honest.  It was "people power" and thousands of online researchers providing us with the information needed to debunk the claim in real time.  When has that ever happened before?  I remember talking to all kinds of reporters that day holding print-outs of Daily Kos/MyDD in one hand and the phone in another.  Maybe they totally crafted the story out of thin air, but the the pushback was, while not absolutely immediate, a thing of beauty in my estimation.


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    The list is too long.  Chris Matthews asked Ned about the "pajamahadeen" and their role in the hack on election day, for example.  CNN rolled out the "developing story" banner.  The NYT had it splashed all over the front page of their website.  Every local television station ran the story as part of their lead on election day.  Joe Lieberman claimed his site was hacked on his nationally televised "concession" speech."  And on.  


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    I'll predict Carter by 7


  • not with the election tomorrow.


  • Actually, I think Karen snubbed the tele-conference idea.  It was to be in person, or not debate.  Jefferson reluctantly agreed -- i sense it's because he's down, not because of his desire for a real dialogue -- and we are where we are today.



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