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    When I did my Masters Thesis on non-traditional media as a means of educating an electorate - I excluded cell phones.

    I had a conversation with Don Dillman that helped me come to that decision.  He wrote what I consider the industry standard on data collection design.  It is called:

    Mail and telephone surveys : the total design method

    • By: Don A Dillman
    • Publisher: New York : Wiley, ©1978.
    Obviously this book was published before cell phones were in the mainstream, but there were several reasons he gave me to exclude them (in my study) at this point in survey research.  (Gonna look for the text of our conversation or a draft of that chapter in my thesis)

    (OK found the thesis draft)

    Cell phones were not included in this study for three reasons.  First, many people who own cell phones have prefixes and area codes different than the one they reside in.  For example, someone who purchased a cell phone in Jackson County, Illinois, and then moved to Canton, Ohio could be erroneously included in this study.  

    Second, many people own both a land line and a cell phone, giving them a higher probability of being contacted than people who just have land lines.  

    Finally, many people object to participating in studies on their cell phones because they don't want to use their minutes for that purpose (D. Dillman, personal interview, April 17, 2004).

    Now, you can do it if you use random digit dialing, by collected a total list of prefixes for land and cell phone lines in the sample area you are drawing from.  You just have to make sure that they are sampled in proportion to the frequency of people with the individual phone prefixes.  But that still doesn't answer the problems that Dillman called into question during our conversation.

    Take it for what its worth.

    Tim T.

    Jeff Seemann for Congress

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    Jeff Seemann is the newest member of the Dean Dozen.

    Check out his link


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    At some point this will become common knowledge.  Why it isn't at this point, who knows...


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    Who would be the likely nominees in a Massachusettes special election if Sen. Kerry is our next President?



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    Americans in swing states need to be especially frightened about terrorism it seems.

    (June 2004) In Ohio there was a plot to blow up shopping malls.

    (Last week) Terror threatens New Mexico and California.

    Be ware residents of Florida, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania - its only a matter of time until a non-specific terror threat hits your states.


    P.S. Thanks for the email exchanges Jerome - we are about to take it to the next level locally with Jeff's campaign.  We are actually doing some great things nationally on-line, non fundraising related.

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    Over at the Jeff Seemann for Congress campaign, we have had over a dozen people already volunteer to come to Canton, Ohio for the weekend before through the election.

    If you, or anyone else is interested, don't hesitate to call:  330.452.0808

    Ask for Tim.

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    Joe Trippi - Just bought his book the other day - excited to read it when I have time this week.

    Jerome, I have a few questions for you if you don't mind sending a few emails back and forth.  I work for Jeff Seemann's Congressional campaign and wanted to briefly pick your brain.



    Please email me at ttagaris@jeffseemannforcongress.com

    (I know, entirely too long email address - it was done before I got here)


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