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    When the numbers get released, we send information and talk to the local media.  In this case, the prime target is the larget newspaper in Stark County, Ohio (among others).

    It's good to know this is coming, I will send out the information provided here (in a different format) to the local press and see if it makes a difference.

    Sometimes, an existing relationship can make the impact.

    Thank you for the heads up.


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    I post the response here cause I know Markos can relate.

    Reds 2
    Cubs 1

    Final in 12 innings.  We stranded the bases loaded 3 times in the game.

    Lose 3 of 4 to the Reds at home.  I have seen this movie before.


  • I really don't think my post had a point, at all.  I guess that's what happens when you have so much to say and limited time to say it in.

    Like condensing Iraq into a 30 second "extended response," in tonights debate.


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    Tons of accomplishments.  I wish I had time to talk about this topic all day.  Don't forget Trent Lott.

    The success in national and regional campaigns has been unbelievable.  Although I think the biggest success is not necessarily the ATM factor (which gets all the hype), but the fact that candidates are coming here for advice, discussion, encouragement, and suggestions.  Then they turn around to implement it!  It's the activism, (not so) stupid.  

    It's the potential to run a true grass-roots campaign, using mass communication.

    But, we have a long way to go.  This is chess, not checkers - and the next move toward the new medium will come from the monolithic old gaurd.  Large Democratic & Republican organizations will swoop in an attempt to wrestle "power" away in time for 2006.

    The blogosphere will be bastardized, believe it.  Are our very own net-roots strong enough to overcome the stress and strain from HUGE organizations, corporations, media outlets, big name individual journalists, celebrities moving into the finite little area we have set aside for ourselves?  I sure hope so.  But until now, we haven't been tested really.  That will change.

    I hear all the time, are bloggers journalists or activists?  Cause they can't be both.   I don't buy it, and I don't think most of us do as well.  But, it is a question that we will be forced to answer.

    Anyway, I really want to keep going - but I HAVE to get back to work.


    Support Jeff Seemann

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    Gallup will be rendered completely impotent when CNN drops them as their polling provider.

    This is going to result in bad press ultimately, questions are being asked publicly.  How long can these 2 afford to stick around amid all the questions about media bias?

    Check.  Your move.


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  • 1.) Should we get links up from each individual state's media outlets?  Phone numbers would have to do it, can't rely on email cause stories will probably be filed in short order afterward.

    2.) What if you kept a "database" of Bush Co. claims made during the debate so people can work back and de-bunk them if they didn't hear it the first time?

    3.) If we discussed what some of the possible questions that will be asked during the debate are, we could do some pre-research.

    4.) Some good existing research links on-hand would help.  You can combine this suggestion with the one pervious.

    5.) I don't know if you guys are getting any pre-release information, but sharing that wouldn't hurt.  I get some from Ohio's Kerry/Edwards effort that I would be willing to share.


    Support Jeff Seemann

    Email me if you are interested in me forwarding you info I get on debate day in Ohio.


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    The Director of the Stark County's Board of Elections, is on Congressman Ralph Regula's (Rep. OH-16) payroll.

    Not illegal, but maybe a conflict of interest?

    If that wasn't enough, he also has a history of making contributions to Ralph Regula.

    Want more?

    When it was determined that Stark County wasn't going to Diebold electronic voting machines when 31 other counties were assigned them...

    The same Director of Stark County's BoE replied, "This isn't over, money talks..."  He refused to elaborate on what he meant by that statement.

    This problem in Ohio is deeper than just Kenneth Blackwell.


    support Jeff Seemann - Ralph Regula's opponent

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    That was a very entertaining piece. I printed it out early in the day and finally got to it last night.

    A few things stood out to me.

    1.) I would have loved to watch the speeches at the tank with the bloggers.

    2.) I would have enjoyed seeing Markos and Bonham go at it live.

    3.) Who is Nicco Mele, and what does a liason to the blogosphere do?  Seriously.

    4.) I could have gone with a little less wonkette information.

    5.) I love the fact that part of my job deals with reading blogs.


  • Greg Palast is writing about "2004 Floridas" and where the potential lies this go around.  I am not sure if he started the series yet, but he told us that New Mexico is the top concern this go around.

    Also, get ready to read about a Ralph Regula/Stark County reference in WaPo as a possibility this election cycle as well.


    Visit the new Jeff Seemann for Congress blog  

    It's blogspot, but it's about time.

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    That is the EXACT topic of my Masters Thesis.

    Late-Night talk shows as a means of shrinking an existing knowledge gap.

    Kind of makes me sad that I started working on a campaign full-time, which has postponed the conclusion of the paper.

    It would have been QUITE timely.


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    Email me.


    I think to some degree, you and I serve similar functions on our campaigns.  At least when it comes blogs.


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    Isn't the ad below your counties?

    Good luck from Jeff Seemann's campaign.


    PENNSYLVANIA (R):  We are looking to immediately hire a staff of 50-100 to help the GOP register voters in NE Philly, Bucks County and Montgomery County for the upcoming election. Door to Door workers must demonstrate effective communication skills and a professional appearance. Candidates must be registered voters who are at least 18 years of age with no felony convictions. They must also be able to provide their own transportation.The pay is $10 an hour and the hours are flexible. Bilingual a +. Send resumes to: GWBtill2009@yahoo.com. Posted 9.10.04

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    Unless GW is wasting money on sending lit to Ohio asking people to vote early.

    The problem is that I think the majority of absentee ballots get thrown out.  Or atleast a good percentage of them.


    (Mental note: stop blogging, get back to work)

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    They are  sending people literature in Stark County, Ohio telling them to vote now as well.

    Who knows, in Florida, with any luck they'll be able to do it AGAIN on Election Day.


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    The Blue Team had the potential to completely control the game on-line this election cycle.  Something we will not have the luxury of ever again...  

    On our side, the coordination has often between the little guy and bloggers - despite the national attention.  You would think that the people upstairs might wake up?  And when they do notice, its still hard to convince them we aren't wasting our time.

    I was telling someone today that in the future, when candidates and organizations design a political strategy, media strategy, and field strategy, they will develop an internet one as well.  And it will happen EARLY in the campaign.  Never again will the Right allow itself to be outdone on-line like we have done to them until now.

    This situation is just another example of the little guy being all over a good idea, but failure to implement it at the top because people fear the lack of control.

    When I blow up, you better the believe the firm I work with (if I sell out like that) will be in close contact with ALL of you guys.

    Rambling, but it angers me as well.



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