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    I'm glad to see someone else (a fellow washingtonian!) who has no interest in reading those memos.

    What do people expect that kind of thing to say?  Advisors are paid to throw out every possible idea for consideration.  It's called brainstorming.

    I didn't like the campaign that those male advisors mapped out for Hillary after super tuesday.  But inhouse memos are inhouse memos.


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    No way.  The race would have been over sooner, that's all.

    Edwards' support would have gone to Obama.  Everyone knew Hillary well already.  The votes for the others were anti-Hillary votes.  

    Edwards' delegates almost all went to Obama, especially his Iowa delegates.   I really don't see how you come to your conclusion.

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    We need to move on from this.  Yes, everything you said is true - but for some reason, the two of them thought the country needed them.  So they took the risk.

    I'm just glad that John is not the nominee.  

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    That was fun.

    Hillary is gorgeous and amazing.  And I think Laura Bush is beautiful, and a beautiful person, too.  (Hate what her husband has done with the place, though.)  Michelle will fit right in with the last two!

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    Al - how can we turn mydd back into a nice site?  (I usually read your stuff on dailykos, not here, if I'm sounding like I know you and I don't.  Which I don't.)

    Your fun and positive stuff helps - a little less skin, maybe - but there's still all this nit-picking left over from the primary on this site. In this thread, for example, there is vitriole against Michelle Obama!

    How can we get past the primary and put this site back on the right track?

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    Thanks!  I'll pick one up.

    I raised my daughter on my own, in project housing appartments (in Canada.)  It was a really nice place, actually, and we were surrounded by refugees from Africa - Somalia, Rwanda....  They were the most wonderful people, struggling to learn English (most knew French already) and we were always impressed by their work ethic.  Many of them read Ebony as part of their self-learning of English (they also had all day English immersion classes  paid for by us - the Canadian people.  I was always very proud of that.)  Often I would come home from work and find one of them sitting with my daughter (age 10) in front of the apt building, going through the magazine.  She would help them with the words.

    So my blond haired and blue eyed daughter loves Ebony to this day.

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    You're not on my team, that's for sure.  

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    These traitors to the progressive causes Hillary fights for are actually few in number.  They are just visible, especially to those of us who hang out online, and they are in love with the sound of their own cybervoices.  There are many, many more like you than there are like them.  

    I can tell you that the Hillary supporters in my neck of the woods are all fired up and ready to go for the Democratic Party in November.  We are planning to get out every single Dem vote, and get Democrats elected up and down the ticket, from County Commissioner on up to president.  We also have many Republicans and Christians working to get Obama elected in this area.

    Hillary is a great candidate, but her campaign advisors let her down miserably, and they are a large part responsible for the situation that is the subject of your diary.  Next time, Hillary  should skip over all of Bill's male friends, and instead choose her own advisors.  That's my two cents.

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    Democrats are famous for self-destructing by attacking their own during the campaign.  

    As a former (very politically active) Republican, who still lives and works among Republicans, I can tell you that this sort of attacking your own for everything you don't agree on during a campaign is the kiss of death during an election.  Republicans count on Democrats doing it every election.  Every one.  And it never fails.  

    We used to joke about it - "we don't have to win the election, we only have to let the Democrats lose it."  All the high-and-mighty "we're above blind loyalty" horseshit is just that - horseshit.  Horseshit that loses elections.

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    McCain's been the presumptive nominee for many months.  Has he announced his VP candidate?  NO.

    Why this false notion, that choosing a VP candidate is something that should happen soon, is so prevalent on blogs is beyond me.

    Obama should announce our VP candidate just before the convention.  

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    Links?  Video footage?

    Thought not.

    My memory is of the guys "ganged up on Hillary" when they were anything but deferential toward her.

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    Obama and the Democratic Party advisors will come to a conclusion about which person will be the best choice for a VP.  

    It's not about anyone's feelings.  It's not about appeasing women whose noses are out of joint because their candidate lost.  

    The decision will be made based on the package that has the best chance of winning, AND THE LEAST CHANCE OF LOSING.

    As to Hillary, I've no doubt that Obama would love to have her on the ticket, and I mean that.  There are lots of reasons for him to want her expertise, her connections, her strength, her willingness to get down in the dirt.  

    Alas, there is Bill to consider.  Bill's activities over the last 8 years will be scrutinized to death, and any perception of possible influence peddling via Bill - and that's a very real possibility - would be blown out of proportion and used against the Democrats.  They've done it in the past (Ferraro's husband) and they're chomping at the bit at the thought of doing it again to the Clintons.  

    If Hillary is not the VP, which might well be HER decision, it will be because of Bill's possible negatives, and not because of anything else.

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    What an amazing woman she is.  So honest and direct.  A real class act.

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    You make a very good point, perhaps the most important point regarding the upcoming election.

    All the more reason for all of us to

    -get involved locally in the campaign
    -register new democratic voters
    -identify every potential dem voter in our area
    -get every one of them to the polls


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