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    You know, Jerome, I agree with you here...this is beyond the pale (and what drives me doubly crazy is that not only is this ethically disgusting, reid is horrible at it to boot, reminds me of that movie 'ruthless people,' when bill pullman shouts 'i'm robbing you').

    As a disclaimer of sort, yes I was a fervent Obama supporter and am not wholly disillusioned yet. While I enthusiastically supported Obama, I never expected anything more than a center-left president whose election would be a good moment for America and who would disappoint me quite often, but also wouldn't continue the dangerously rightward trend of this country. Maybe I'm a fool, but I don't think he has, and as a recently laid off person (who's quite on his feet anyway), I have tangible proof of helpful progressive actions which Republicans would have opposed.  

    However, while I've seen you over the last year bash Obama (and clinton too), the entrenched Democratic power structure, etc., and anyone with whom you disagree, post-CTG, I have yet to see any suggestions as to what we should do to change this (if i've missed them, i apologize).  Wailing about it here does very little (echo chambers work both ways). Not voting, volunteering, contributing Dem may work in theory, but the ultimate result will be that the Republicans will have many years of power to make things even worse.  I ask this not as an attack, but as someone who first started reading blogs in 2002/03, someone who looked up to you as one of the more intelligent movers in the political world. While you may not care about what one insignificant lurker on your blog may think, your tenor of the past year or two has dampened my view, but that's neither here nor there. Honestly, as someone whose opinion I respect, I'm curious to know what you suggest as the best method for a progressive to be heard. Yes, you've written a book, and been involved in many campaigns (a hell of a lot more than i've done, although i've dipped my toes in the latter), but a lot has changed and a lot has been said since then.  I'm listening, and as someone with too much time on his hands, will take it into account.

  • Shocked, I am, I say, that you would say that.

    Sanders, Weiner, Dean have all chimed in that the Medicare expansion would be a step-up from a watered down p.o., but I'm gonna go with this definitive statement from the most negative nabob on mydd.

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    Ha, I'm gonna take that for sarcasm...(i don't even know anymore)...

    Anyway, looking back at your voluminous amount of writing, it would appear we're on the same side with the same basic pet peeve (i mean, i've read comments by you many times before, but honestly, it's hard to keep track of who's who)...I don't quite get this diary, but I'm sure it's just me not knowing the context...if it's alright with you, I'munna climb up back on the turnip truck...

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    Actually, it's not my first comment, I just haven't commented in a long, long while.  I've been coming here since around '03, but I'm generally rather quiet.  Roundabout Summer of 2008, as I'm sure you know, this place lost its goldang mind, and it became a bit depressing even to log in, let alone get involved in the back-and-forth.  

    I haven't paid much attention to the RDs for a bit.  

    As it were, I suspect I just kinda wandered in all Kevin-Spacey-in-Glengarry-Glenross style into some game of which I don't know the angle.

    Why I stupidly commented, I know not...long day, two jobs...many apologies...(i think?)

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    This is what passes for a recommended diary here these days?

    Am I missing something?  Is there some kind of snark here?  

  • I want my monkey butlers...

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    I'll admit after reading...I don't follow closely enough the banter between peeps...so didn't catch any ChiTown Denny rumormongering...but have certainly seen moments of jerkiness...

    In any case, to paraphrase Morrissey "why did i come here and why did i hang around?"...or is it "bigmouth strikes again"...in any case, we should probably all just drop these internecine fights and just focus on getting a progressive platform pushed however we can...but who am i to say (and surely most people here are doing more than me)...merry november 29th to all and to all a good night!

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    While you've caught my eye (and i'm hardly even paying attention) as one who is a wee bit touchy with handing out low numbers, I did respect the honesty and integrity of your diary...he got your support when it counted...and, yes, it does matter to get more support behind him, even now.  The right, as always (see all the "obama's/clinton's/carter's gonna take yr guns" stories), is going to throw a much bigger "kitchen sink" and he's going to need all the support he can get, from all corners.  A Dem President with a Dem Congress and the people behind him just might get something done...corny (and tangential) as it might sound, it's exciting!

  • Most recent polling would suggest that they're not even sticking with the Repubs at the top of the ticket in NC.

  • Take on "politics are hard" of the first debate was pretty right on...but I barely watched.  And that's when I was engaged to a person who put it on the dvr all the time :).

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    Please emend it to read that McCain is "trying to be" the Doug Flutie of politics.  Flutie's pass connected.  McCain's will drop limply at the mid-field stripe.  Then it will somehow explode.  Also, it does make me throw up a little to see the great Flutie's name so near that jerkwad's. (yes, i'm a bit of a fan...even before he came down from my favorite neighboring country to join my favorite team).

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    He's not saying that Nader and McKinney's votes are taken away from either candidate, just saying (and he's probably right, based on recent experience) that they won't draw as much...whether you agree with it or not, I don't see how it's anti-Obama or negative to anyone but Nader and McKinney. Chances are, their inflated numbers dull an even greater Obama lead.

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    With all due respect, Jerome didn't DO anything here, but present positive news.  Let's not get silly.

  • I've written Mr. Olbermann...figure he has some history of taking this guy on.

  • I feel a bit silly as I guess he's been outed as a shill before (second thing i found about him was olbermann calling this idiot out)...

    Should have done more research before writing, but just had to vent.  Last week, I was talking with my (fellow) liberal uncle as we listened to the Buffalo Bills play (and win...yay), who's maxxed out to Obama, as Palin's numbers were just beginning to fade and it was already clearly beginning to shift back to at least tied and he was adamant that we were in dire trouble b/c the talking heads said so. He practically got angry, as if I was just being foolishly positive, when I said we weren't done, that everybody didn't love Palin, that Obama was putting out ads in swing states, etc.

    (Obviously) we shouldn't be fighting this as well.


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