• It is quite funny to see some members here absolutely flipping out on the premise that Fowler could get the chair.

    Since some people are talking about him now, you automatically assume they're freepers and trolls. But did it ever occur to you that Fowler just had one of the best presentations on Saturday?

    I'll make it clear that I support Howard Dean for Chair as my first choice, but if Fowler or Rosenberg got it, then it would still be okay.

    You say Fowler is the faux reform candidate, but I don't think he's gonna win too much support from the Washington status quo with his speech yesterday.

    But either way, I support Dean first and foremost.

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    I watched the replay of the meeting on Saturday last night on CSPAN. All of them did well.

    I was surprised by Fowler. I thought he and Dean had the best speeches up there, and if I had to bet, I think he may beat Dean on a second ballot.

    Here is who Id vote for, in order...

    1st - Dean
    2nd - Fowler
    3rd - Rosenberg

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    Clark/Richardson 08' anyone?

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    The bogus primary system we have is why I fear Clark will never have a shot at the nomination, and it's sad, because like you said, Clark is the best shot at winning.

    And as we've both pointed out, we lost the last election because people trusted the Republicans over the Democrats on national security.

    With the war in Iraq and a never ending war on terrorism, the focus isn't likely to shift on this topic for a while. This is why I think John Edwards' political career may be over.

    You can still have a sensible domestic policy that addresses health care, a fair minimum wage, and election reform, but if people are voting on national security, which people tend to do in a time of war, then we better nominate someone with some credibility on the issue.

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    I agree that Clark probably wasn't ready for the nomination in 2004. You gotta remember that he's new at being a politician, but you get better with experience.

    Im sure that in 1952, had Eisenhower been subjected to today's media scrutiny, he would've had some problems as well.

    Give Clark some time.

    As for a chance for the nomination, I agree. While Clark is the best chance for the Dems to win, he probably will be viewed as too conservative in the primaries.

    It's kind of interesting that John McCain will be experiencing the same kind of problems in the 08' Republican primaries.

    But we all know that if McCain gets through it, he may be unbeatable.

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    Wesley Clark is a classy candidate, and well-respected. I can already see the campaign buttons.

    "Don't fear, the General is here... Clark 08'"

    Seriously folks, the reason the Democratic Party just lost the last Presidential election was because more people trust the Republicans on national security issues. I think once we all own up to that fact, and stop running away from it, we can start solving that problem.

    The fact that Clark was a former General isn't the only reason I think he should be the nominee. He's intelligent, classy, and is a little more "down home" than Kerry is.

    I think nominating a strong leader like Clark, as well as a much better presented domestic agenda, and having a backbone, will help the Democrats win again.

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    Fox News is already trying to do some character assassination on Dean.

    I was watching "Fox & Friends" just a few minutes ago(7:15 or so), and the host, whom I cant remember his name, was having a conversation with Ed Gillespie, the RNC Chairman.

    What was funny, is that it wasnt Gillespie who was doing the attacking. It was the host doing a supposedly subjective interview. To his credit, Gillespie was actually reasonable for a partisan.

    The host said something like, "So, if Dean gets to head the party, isnt he going to take the Democrats on a hard left turn?"

    And he basically continued on with this slant for the entire interview with that smug Fox shit eating grin.

    With Dean a favorite for the Chair, we gotta be prepared for this type of thing.

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    This is what I like to hear.
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    Although I think Dean would make a good President, I think 2008 is too far off to wait to use his attributes.

    The Democratic Party needs a strong leader right now.


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