My Solution For the Primaries

The current power grab that is going on within the Democratic Party will hopefully effect not only who leads the party, but who gets to select our nominee for President.

Hopefully, whoever wins the DNC Chair, the first change will occur with the monopoly that Iowa and New Hampshire have on our primary process.

I'm not sure if they're taking suggestions, but I have a solution for the best way to do it...

First of all, the current system is bogus. A few thousand people in Iowa and New Hampshire essentially decided the Democratic nomination this year and every year, with both states voting in January. By the time my state of Ohio came to vote on March 2nd, the race was over.

The DNC felt that they should line up the Primaries, so that they could get a clear winner as early as they could. But the system is flawed.... and like I said, pretty bogus.

I propose this....

Instead of having just one Super Tuesday, break the entire Primary system into Super Tuesdays. Then, spread them out into one per month, which would allow the candidates more time to campaign in the upcoming states.

For instance, the voting schedule would look like this...

January 15th
-New Hampshire

February 15th
-District of Columbia

March 15th
-New Mexico
-New York
-North Dakota
-North Carolina
-Rhode Island
-South Carolina

April 15th
-New Jersey
-South Dakota
-West Virginia

This would be beneficial because:

  1. One or two states wouldn't decide the entire race.

  2. No one region would decide the race. Each Super Tuesday would be a mix of different regions of the country.

  3. Each voting block would have a mix of states with large population, medium population, and smaller population.

  4. The votes wouldn't be right on top of eachother like 2004. So a candidate would have a month to campaign in the next block of states.

  5. The better the competition, the more improved the winner is going into the general election.

The Democratic Party needs reforming and the Primary schedule is next on the list.

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diluted to a milky blur
the problem is a diluting deluge,
with a dozen primaries within
only a few days.

the first one or two -- Iowa and New
Hampshire -- stand out like guiding
stars. the many blur like the Milky Way.

yes, in politics as in architecture,
sometimes less is more!

and it was not the DNC that set
the primary schedule.

primary dates are set by the various
legislatures. just try and stop the
great state of Ohio from moving
its primary from May to March.
or stop it from changing from
a convention to a primary.

fact is, when there are too many
primaries, they cost too much.
advertising is too expensive, but
time is too short for the beloved
retail campaigning.

name recognition and momentum
become all.

and the more early primaries,
the more a famous name, early bucks,
and the news value of an early win
will count.
the less opportunity for candidates
to be tested on different political

your idea is not without merit,
however. to remove the undue
influence of Iowa and N.H. perhaps
add a lottery feature, so that two
states from each group (and only two)
would hold primaries in any month
while the other states would wait
for their turn next time.

oh, yeah, I'll bet the legislature of
the great state of Ohio will love
the idea of a lottery.

no, Ohio will want to be first.
or among the first.

Hey, let's all be first!
Let's all have our state's primary
in March. No, in February.
No, me first, in January.
Hey, let's all have January primaries.
No, wait.
Who's already well-known,
let's just do it now and choose
between Kerry and Clinton.
Or not.

by Woody 2005-01-27 07:39AM | 0 recs


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