• I shouldve known better.  Clearly I didn't think the link was to a retirement from public life but I thought maybe it was a funny Clinton youtube spoof.  The song is actually pretty apt though "never gonna give you up" indeed.  We'll see tonight I guess.    

  • Please cite with a source.  And if you're using the regular Clinton bs of "ANYONE who is in anyway employed by the healthcare industry and has donated to Obama" counts as "lobbyist" money then spare me.  Because some nurse somehwere gave hime 100 bucks is in no way similar to some industry PAC bundling a couple hundred grand to Hillary.  

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    RFK JR ENDORSED Clinton and the controversy isn't about RFK, it's about Obama.  So his "take" on the matter really doesn't matter more than anyone else's.  When one of the main memes you've been pushing as a campaign is "anything can happen" and have been racially pandering, it is completely RECKLESS irrespective of motive or intention to bring up the specter of June assassinations.  PERIOD.

  • See the difference here is that one candidate has 30m cash and has WON the nomination and the other is 30m in the hole and has LOST.  Apples meet oranges.

  • plain and simple you are lying.  If you can give me any Obama staff saying he is the presumptive nominee on Super Tuesday I'll eat my fucking hat.

  • Do you work for Mark Penn or something?  This prognostication is laughable.  Put NY in play?  Electoral blowout?  So in a race that, generously, is tied right now (we don't even have a solidified nominee yet) is going to end with McCain +8 because Bloomberg is the VP?  Don't quit your day job.

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    They can't "stop" the race.  There are only like 6 primaries left.  It's over in about 2 weeks.  Her name is on the ballot.  

    He already agreed to count MI and FL, just not in an absurdly Clinton biased way.  It was a tough campaign and it was close, but Hillary lost.  It is time to start dealing with that FACT.  (BTW even with the absurd "counting" he still wins now).

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    I have no intention of "making nice" with the exceedingly small MINORITY of denizens at blogs like this, taylormarsh, hillaryis44 etc. who have not behaved as Democrats.  

    As far as I'm concerned people who have spent six months spreading lies, smears and attacks on a fellow Democrat more disgusting and unrelenting than has ever been seen at the sewers that are LGF or Freerepublic are NOT WELCOME in the Democratic party.  

    The sooner Taylor Marsh (or any contributor to her cesspool) or Susan Hu or Texas Darlin' or any other mouth frothers leave the Democratic party the better.  If there were a way to force them out of the party I'd be all for it.

    For the record, I haven't seen what many of your past diaries were like but you seem to be generally earnestly FOR Hillary rather than against Obama, but maybe that wasn't always the case.  

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    Not delegates obviously.  Which poll should it be?  Gallup?  Rasmussen?  I guess you'll have to look up which one favors Hillary more before you make a decision.  

    We have rules and someone won.  You don't like it and blame it on sexism and some vast "Old Boy" conspiracy.  Hillary had EVERY advantage imaginable before she lost in Iowa.  She lost.  Deal with it.  

    I invite everyone who can't deal with friggin' primary election results (because theyve emotionally attached every slight and wrong theyve ever endured for being a woman to ONE woman) they don't like to PLEASE, pretty please stop smearing Obama and "threatening" to leave the party and just do it already.  You are the minority.  After your INCESSANT smears, attacks and lies spread on this and other "Democratic" blogs I truly would feel much better with all these people being NOT WELCOME in the Democratic party.  

    Reality based Democrats who backed a different candidate and havent spent every day for the past six months lying, smearing and attacking other Dems and then whining are more than welcome in the party.  The rest of you all.... don't let the door hit you on the way out.  


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