Al Gore At The UN: Our Global Environmental Ambassador

Al Gore is now our Ambassador to the world regarding the climate crisis. To me that far surpasses the temporary status of any president of the military industrial complex, especially one that dismissed this crisis for thirty years thus bringing us to this point.

I am truly hoping that Mr. Gore will also then be attendfing the UN summit in Bali this December as his imput in that process will do much to bring this world towards a more sustainable future with the GHG reductions we have no choice now but to commit to.

I would love to see him there as a Un Ambassador for the Global Environment to have the chance to lead the summit and to inspire world leaders on this crisis including our own, who better get with the program regarding this crisis now.

I also believe such a position would afford Mr. Gore the political influence he needs without all the beltway constrictions along with balancing the freedom he treasures to address this crisis the way he knows it must be addressed now. Therefore...

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Al Gore Has Found His Calling

It would appear to me that there are those who are so wrapped up in their "presidential fantasies" that they are missing the greater picture behind what Al Gore is now accomplishing that will have a longterm effect that will last far beyond the next four years. I think it is time to focus on that because when put in context it is truly what great statesmen are made of.

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My Comments After Reading Al Gore's The Assault On Reason

The agora was the public space and a very integral part of the ancient Greek city-state. An agora acted as a marketplace and a forum for the citizens of the city-state in exchanging ideas. Its meaning was also that of an assembly and a crossroads of many concepts which could either be taken metaphorically or physically. It was the core of reasoned debate and the airing of concerns of the citizens. It was as was the Roman Senate a non stop debate with exchanges of ideas pro and con and both forms of open forums were the basis for our own Senate (which literally means council of elders) which still practices the quorum and filibuster.

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What Are You Doing To Solve The Climate Crisis?

The petition I have up at Tree Nation is asking people to pledge to become climate messengers in response to Al Gore's movie and book An Inconvenient Truth, and has drawn signatures from around the world of those pledging to do just that. And for every 100 signatures, Tree Nation (which is also sponsored by the UNEP) has planted a tree in Niger in their goal to plant 8 million trees in the shape of a heart.

I want to show some of the responses (names withheld) to give you an understanding of what people globally are thinking and pledging to do because this damn well is important news. And these are just the signatures with comments. There are hundreds more from countries all over the world pledging to become climate messengers in response to Mr. Gore's environmental work, because this work is crucial to the sustainability of our planet. Therefore, I would also like to ask: What are you doing to solve this crisis? What are you doing to help him?

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The World Bank: Worse Than Wolfowitz

I truly have to say that I can no longer state that I am proud to be an American because of this government's hand in what they are doing to create this horror, and that is very sad. The one prerequisite I then have for any candidate running for president of this country that has its hand directly involved in the misery caused by the schemes of the World Bank and IMF is that they call for them to be shut down and all third world debt cancelled. If they can't do that, they are then only part of the status quo to me.

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The Assault on Reason By Al Gore: A Manifesto for Democracy

The Assault on Reason, by the Honorable Al Gore is to be released by Penguin Press on May 22 which is in about three weeks. It is reported to be about the difficulty politics has with making decisions based on facts and reason, and using this current regime as the prime example of corruption, fear mongering, and the assault on reason that seeks to bind the soul in perpetual servitude to those interests that represent the antithesis of all our Constitution stands for.

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Al Gore Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Finally, he gets the sincere recognition he deserves on this issue and this crisis.

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Please Help Me Support Al Gore's Work

As we now pass into a new year, the window on our planet is closing even more. Recent events are making it clearer that Al Gore's words of warning in bringing the message of climate scientists to the people are coming true. This is not the time to continue to sit on our hands waiting for some event to come along to magically bring it back, because that will not happen without our intervention. This year of 2007 is going to be crucial for the future sustainability of this planet. Which is why I ask for your help.

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Help Al Gore Seek Justice For Our Planet From Congress

From our Patriots for Al Gore website:

The people now have an outspoken advocate in Al Gore. He is now a free man. He is one of us. He is now not enslaved to a beltway mentality that only thinks in their own small boxes. He is now a representative for our planet that has the means and ability to let our voices be heard on the most crucial crisis mankind has ever faced: Our hand in destroying our planet.

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Al Gore: "Start By Arming Yourself With Knowledge"

The one thing I took from this interview with Mr. Gore that took place recently that I take away from all of his interviews and appearances is that this is not about him. He puts the issue front and center and I truly believe that questions surrounding the issue of the environment are what really excites and challenges him.

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