• Live Earth was "the initiative" and the launch of his three year plan through The Alliance for Climate Protection that will deliver a blitz of information to the American public to change perceptions and give truth in order to push that political tipping point on the climate crisis which isn't going to happen in this election cycle no matter who runs in this crappy system.

    So those "supporting" him just to get their names in the paper thinking that is "getting involved" better realize this is about our planet before their egos and get with the program, because they are actually hurting his efforts... but then, maybe that is their real plan. Any group that would hire an air polluting Co2 spewing airplane to fly over Giants Stadium during the Live Earth concert is not a group that really supports Al Gore or the environment.

    This is nothing more to me than a bunch of political operatives competing against each other and using people to push their own agenda for themselves, and to do so now when Mr. Gore is asking us to answer the call for our planet and instituting this three year plan that needs our support as if they are totally ignoring his wishes is not only rude but arrogant. Mr. Gore also has all he needs to do anything he wishes should he wish to do it. He doesn't need a bunch of political cheerleaders who only care about their names getting attention to do anything for him, and that is evident by the fact that he is doing absolutely nothing to position himself politically.

    You want to get involved? Get off your modem and actually do something real for this planet. And you know why he hasn't said anything to the draft group one way or the other? I think it is because he doesn't care what you do because he is too busy actually doing something while you sit on the sideliness begging him and doing everything he described in The Assault On Reason as the reason why he wouldn't run in the first place. I heard the ad and it is nothing but a soundbite.

    Personally, I dont't trust ANY Internet group whose faces I can't see and who won't reveal their real names through the FEC (and I believe even algore.org was warned by the FEC for not filing at one point,) and who only call on people to sign their petitions to collect their money. Where's the money going?

    Especially groups that are now pushing him SO HARD as to try to take his focus off of his mission now while usining it for their own purposes, and I won't support any of them regardless of who they are for. Should Mr. Gore decide to go that other way I will ONLY support him DIRECTLY.

  • Harrassing him is more like it.

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    http://www.democraticunderground.com/dis cuss/duboard.php?az=show_mesg&forum= 389&topic_id=1395964&mesg_id=139 5964

    Oh, and don't forget to read it here too where I also posted it since you are so "concerned."

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    His, or Brent Budowsky's fantasy. Don't people have more important things to write about now? You know, like what solutions we should be coming to to solve this crisis that Mr. Gore asked US to answer the call for? BTW, have you signed the Live Earth Pledge? Do you even know what it is?

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    Really? Then why didn't Clinton do it when Gore was Vice President? You think HE doesn't know the best way to handle this after what he saw firsthand? Who are you to tell him he isn't doing this the right way? And if you and others are so upset with the way things are now, where have you been for the last seven years? You now expect Al Gore to come and "save you" as if what he is doing now is worthless? How arrogant. As if the climate crisis is really a priority to those who all of sudden see it as something to use for their own political ends.

    Al Gore has been speaking about this for thirty years and was IGNORED in that beltway, and here we are. And now he can do this as HE chooses as a liberated man without the the BS constraints of politics while serving his conscience. I say, good for him because without that groundswell of people DEMANDING change and working for it NOW, it ain't gonna happen from Washington DC no matter how much you sugarcoat it.

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    You can't cahnge WITHIN unless you change OUTSIDE FIRST. So since you feel that way what are you doing to help this cause now besides shaking you pom poms here?

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    Then GUARANTEE he would win and it would be successful with all the other crap he would have to deal with. You all make it sound so simple when it isn't. I think some of you have absolutely no idea of what you speak about and obviously didn't read his book. IT HAS TO START WITH YOU, and I think HE knows better how to do this than YOU do.

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    That's the link to MY story on Political Cortex as LadyInBlack, which is my moniker on that site. Is that a crime now? Other than that what can you contribute to this thread?

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    Please, spare me the he would have people watching his back this time excuse. Where are they now then? How many of those who care so much for him even cared about Live Earth or even discuss his work now? To me there is nothing but a bunch of Internet harrassers on these blogs constantly pushing him to run because they don't want Hillary Clinton. And that to me is a lame excuse for pushing him into something he himself has admitted was a FAILURE in getting this done previously...being IN that BS beltway.

    He has done more than any president could do on this and admitted that as well on CBS, but I suppose the times when he does say those kinds of things don't stay in the consciousness of those who want to do nothing but push him instead of really supporting him, and more importantly this planet by answering the call now.

    If the presidency is so wonderful in setting policy on this, which in case you didn't know in a Democracy cannot be done without a groundswell from the people and Congress, not in the "unitary executive" atmosphere we have now, name every policy set in the last thirty years. You can't, because there wasn't any, even during the time he was Vice President.

    Tell me then why he came up against nothing but brick walls in that toxic system on this and why there is still NOTHING coming out of this Congress. You don't know? I'll tell you why. LOBBYISTS and the corruption of Washington DC that will not disappear with just ONE candidate regardless of who it is and that is because it has to come from the GROUND UP, which is where he is now, and where I am too.

    He could not do this faster from that stifled office now. If so, prove it, because this isn't about him to him, this is about doing what is the most effective in getting progress made on a crisis that IS changing the relationship between species and this planet. And I believe his strategy now to address this is brilliant, and if people who claim to support him can only "have his back" if he runs in the same system that he excoriated in The Assault On Reason, then they don't really support his work now or see the urgency of what this world now faces at our own hands.

  • This poll based on the number polled only comes out to 124 people. And Al Gore has already written in The Assault On Reason that these BS polls are only part of the problem with Democracy. Did you read it yet?

  • I'm beginning to think some of these "draft" people are moles. I mean, what did they do during Live Earth, an ENVIRONMENTAL concert where they could have put their obsession aside for one day to support their planet? They hired a pollution spewing AIRPLANE to go over Giants Stadium during the concert with a banner with their web address alone on it. Sounds like something Karl Rove would do, not supporters of his endeavors and people who care about this planet. They push him TOO MUCH. VERY suspicious to me. And yes, I agree as a Gore supporter myself that they are VERY annoying.

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    Thank you for your comment. I wish more people really cared about this.

  • He won't run because as he has stated in his own words, he has fallen out of love with politics and it is a toxic process, and on that score he couldn't be more right. And this isn't about what you want but what the planet needs, and right now he is more than serving that need. So sad so many who claim to love him don't see that and don't love him unless there is a title in front of his name, especially a title that means so much less than it once did.

    I personally think the truth of it on these blogs is that people just want him to jump in to give them some entertainment and spice up the rivalry they want to see. NO reason to run for anything in my opinion. And if he is so needed so many wouldn't have turned their backs on him previously. And he didn't ask any draft people to stop in 2004, because it stopped only after he endorsed Dean. He has never asked any initiative to stop more than likely because he believes in people having the freedom to do it. It means nothing now that he hasn't asked anyone to stop.

  • Yes, and I notice you intimated in your blog that he is a lying deceiving political hack just using our e-mails for some political campaign, and then closed comments after the first one suggested he was doing it to build an environmental organization. And in case you haven't been following what he is doing on that front which appears obviious, he does have an organization and it si called the Climate Project as well as also being part of the Alliance for Climate Protection. Nice way to support his efforts by calling him a liar.

  • Those names on his site were to Congress regarding doing something about the climate crisis. Are you suggesting he is deceiving people?


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