South Dakota Passes Rapists' Reproductive Rights Act of 2006

How could a bill like this pass in any state in this country? This "abortion ban" bill gives parental rights to rapists. How sick is that?

[Updated regarding vote of South Dakota Legislature on HB 1215(Abortion ban bill.) Out of 14 women noted between both houses, only four women voted against this bill. Disgraceful.

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S.D. Governor "Inclined" To Sign Abortion Ban

The assault on women's rights has begun. Women are still seen as second class citizens in this country, especially if they are poor. That is very clear. There is no doubt this is also the lead in to reversing Roe vs. Wade. I just hope most states do not follow in their footsteps. They will make women wear invisible burquas in this country if we let them. HOW DARE they suppose to run our lives! What's next? TAKING THE RIGHT TO VOTE FROM US?

This bill being signed condemns women to death. Period. There is no escaping that fact, and those who voted for this are murderers themselves. Abortion should not be legislated. It is not an issue I believe should even be used for political gain. A woman who gets pregnant has a variety of circumstances in their life that others cannot comprehend. Only SHE, her mate, and her doctor should know the decision made and why it is being made. It is also for her to make peace with it. It is not for us to decide. It is not the government's place to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body! Are vasectomies outlawed in South Dakota? Does the man have ANY responsibility for what he does? This is a biased and discriminatory law and to me it is unconstitutional and must be fought in every state that tries to pass one like this one.

And for these people to pass a law that would prohibit abortion in cases of rape or incest is sheer TORTURE, and is unconstitutional in and of itself. It is an ABOMINATION to women. A young woman who is raped (which is a crime of violence) and becomes pregnant from it, will now be forced to carry that "fetus" to full term and even have to deal with the rapist who will have full parental rights!? A young woman who is the victim of being repeatedly abused and raped by a stepfather or uncle, will have to carry any "fetus" full term!? What if she is only twelve years old? It is INSANITY. RAPISTS ARE REWARDED IN SOUTH DAKOTA. How can the women of South Dakota really want this? I find that VERY hard to believe.

And what of that child? What will they be told when asked who their father is? "Oh, he is the man who raped me?" The psychological stigmatism from this alone is mindboggling. Oh, but they won't have to deal with the horrors of what this will bring. They who sit in their government chambers and dare to legislate their barbaric brand of "morality" as they allow millions of children in this country to go hungry everyday! As they applaud bombs being dropped on innocent children in other countries thus aborting them! As they allow their leader to abort our children in his war of empire!

Just who the hell do these people think they are to force  women to deal with circumstances not of their making? To have to live with the trauma of the crime committed against them every day of their lives? What draconian assholes thought of this? Is this their way of punishing the woman because they think that all women who are raped deserve it? I simply can't wrap my head around this, but it sure looks to me like we have our own TALIBAN right here in the United States! The rights of rapists trump the rights of their own victims!?

And to think any woman actually voted for this in unconscienable- and well, any who did are not women to me. They are pawns. They are spineless enablers of such a cruel, draconian, barbaric mindset, that they need to be shunned by real women. I cannot as a woman (and a woman who myself would only have had an abortion in the case of rape or if the life of the fetus or mine was in grave danger) condone this action. It is simply WRONG.

Why don't those of you who believe in this just pick yourselves up and move to Iran? For all of your talk about how they oppress people and need to be dealt with, you sure as hell act just like them! Doing it with a pen and paper is no different in method that doing it with a sword. It has the same results. You will then rue the day you chose to once again subject women in this country to second class status. Too many of us have fought long and hard for what we have now, and we aren't about to give it up. You can therefore, "legislate" all you want. It isn't going to do anything but bring more women to death, suicide, poverty, and despair... and you WILL be fought on this, you despicable bastards.

I really don't know what else to say. I don't recognize this country anymore.

Please see the other diary on this topic as well (the link is in the comments section here). This is a discussion we need to have regarding this debate, and action needs to be taken to protect the rights of women and their right to an abortion, ESPECIALLY in cases of rape or incest! 9649/24156

Also, thank you to dmsilev for the title suggestion in place of the original title, South Dakota- Where Rapists Are Rewarded.

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More information

This legislature already filed a motion in support of Alito. Don't tell me this wasn't planned.

From link above:

   SR 1:   A RESOLUTION,   Supporting the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court of the United States.

   Was read the second time.

    Sen. Schoenbeck moved that SR 1 as found on page 9 of the Senate Journal be adopted.

    The question being on Sen. Schoenbeck's motion that SR 1 be adopted.

    And the roll being called:

Yeas 25, Nays 9, Excused 1, Absent 0

Abdallah; Adelstein; Apa; Bogue; Broderick; Dempster; Duenwald; Duniphan; Earley; Gant; Gray; Greenfield; Hansen (Tom); Kelly; Knudson; Kooistra; Koskan; Lintz; McCracken; McNenny; Napoli; Olson (Ed); Schoenbeck; Smidt; Sutton (Duane)

Bartling; Hanson (Gary); Hundstad; Koetzle; Moore; Nesselhuf; Peterson (Jim); Sutton (Dan); Two Bulls

Legislature membership

District Senator Party Home
1 Gary D. Hanson Democrat Sisseton
2 Jim Hundstad Democrat Bath
3 Duane Sutton Republican Aberdeen
4 James R. Peterson Democrat Revillo
5 Lee Schoenbeck Republican Watertown
6 Brock Greenfield Republican Clark
7 Orville Smidt Republican Brookings
8 Dan Sutton Democrat Flandreau
9 Thomas A. Dempster Republican Sioux Falls
10 Gene Abdallah Republican Sioux Falls
11 Jason Gant Republican Sioux Falls
12 William Earley Republican Sioux Falls
13 Dick Kelly Republican Sioux Falls
14 David L. Knudson Republican Sioux Falls
15 Gil Koetzle Democrat Sioux Falls
16 Mike Broderick Republican Canton
17 Ben Nesselhuf Democrat Vermillion
18 Garry A. Moore Democrat Yankton
19 Frank Kloucek Democrat Scotland
20 Ed Olson Republican Mitchell
21 Julie Bartling Democrat Burke
22 Tom Hansen Republican Huron
23 Jay Duenwald Republican Hoven
24 Bob Gray Republican Fort Pierre
25 Clarence Kooistra Republican Garretson
26 John Koskan Republican Wood
27 Theresa Two Bulls Democrat Pine Ridge
28 Eric Bogue Republican Faith
29 Kenneth McNenny Republican Sturgis
30 Jim Lintz Republican Hermosa
31 Jerry Apa Republican Lead
32 Stanford Adelstein Republican Rapid City
33 J. P. Duniphan Republican Rapid City
34 Royal "Mac" McCracken Republican Rapid City
35 William Napoli Republican Rapid City

House of Representatives

District Senator Party Home
1 Clayton Halverson Democrat Veblen
 David Sidgestad Democrat Pierpont
2 Burt Elliott Democrat Aberdeen
 Paul Dennert Democrat Columbia
3 Larry Frost Republican Aberdeen
 Al Novstrup Republican Aberdeen
4 Val Rausch Republican Big Stone City
 Steve Street Democrat Revillo
5 Al Koistinen Republican Watertown
 Bob Faehn Republican Watertown
6 Art Fryslie Republican Willow Lake
 Paul Nelson Republican Hetland
7 Sean O'Brien Republican Brookings
 Larry Tidemann Republican Brookings
8 David Gassman Democrat Canova
 Gerald Lange Democrat Madison
9 Deb Peters Republican Hartford
 Elaine Roberts Democrat Sioux Falls
10 Roger W. Hunt Republican Brandon
 Shantel Krebs Republican Sioux Falls
11 Mark Willadson Republican Sioux Falls
 Keri Weems Republican Sioux Falls
12 Casey Murschel Republican Sioux Falls
 Hal Wick Republican Sioux Falls
13 Phyllis Heineman Republican Sioux Falls
 Bill Thompson Democrat Sioux Falls
14 Joni M. Cutler Republican Sioux Falls
 Shawn Tornow Republican Sioux Falls
15 Mary Glenski Democrat Sioux Falls
 Kathy Miles Democrat Sioux Falls
16 Joel Dykstra Republican Canton
 Margaret Gillespie Democrat Hudson
17 Jamie Boomgarden Republican Chancellor
 Donna Schafer Republican Vermillion
18 Jean Hunhoff Republican Yankton
 Matthew Michels Republican Yankton
19 Jim Putnam Republican Armour
 Gary Jerke Republican Tripp
20 Mike Vehle Republican Mitchell
 Lou Sebert Republican Mitchell
21 Thomas J. Glover Democrat Burke
 Thomas Deadrick Republican Platte
22 Pat Haley Democrat Huron
 Dale Hargens Democrat Miller
23 Justin Davis Republican Ipswich
 Tom Hackl Republican Hoven
24 Ryan P. Olson Republican Onida
 Tim Rounds Republican Pierre
25 Mike Kroger Democrat Dell Rapids
 Tim Rave Republican Baltic
26 Barry Jensen Republican White River
 Cooper Garnos Republican Presho
27 Jim Bradford Democrat Pine Ridge
 Paul Valandra Democrat Mission
28A Thomas Van Norman Democrat Eagle Butte
28B Ted Klaudt Republican Walker
29 Tom Brunner Republican Nisland
 Larry Rhoden Republican Union Center
30 Gorden Howie Republican Rapid City
 Gordon Pederson Republican Wall
31 Tom Hills Republican Spearfish
 Charles Turbiville Republican Deadwood
32 Alan Hanks Republican Rapid City
 Tom Hennies Republican Rapid City
33 Mike Buckingham Republican Rapid City
 Don Van Etten Republican Rapid City
34 Elizabeth Kraus Republican Rapid City
 Ed McLaughlin Republican Rapid City
35 Jeff Haverly Republican Rapid City
 Alice McCoy Republican Rapid City

This was House vote

Senate vote

In the House I counted 12 women (based on the fact that I didn't know if the name "Pat" was for a man or woman.)

NINE of these women voted yea on this, and FOUR of those women are Democrats. And actually out of the three who voted nay, two are Republicans. Now I'm wondering how many of these women who voted yea have daughters, because they are getting an e-mail from me.
These are the yeas:


I only noted two women in the Senate who voted, both Democrats.

Bartling voted Yea

Two Bulls Nay

One more e-mail I have to send out.

So between the Senate and the House I noted 14 women, and only four of them voted against this bill. DISGRACEFUL.

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Tim Johnson is part of this.

This is why Tim Johnson supported CR Alito who will be a crucial vote if it reaches the Supreme Crt.  Tim Johnson use to be more liberal but he and his collegue in ND Kent Conrad have turned out to be just like Lieberman Conserv Dems.  But he is thinks this issue will take the political heat off of him in SD for reelection in 2008. He is going to face a well funded political opponent, and him and Mary Landrieu are the two most vulnerable like they were in 2002. It went down to the wee hours in the morning before he won, and it was due in part as fmr SD leader Tom Daschle was the Senate leader at the time.  Rounds or Janklow will face him.  And some Dems might be turned off because of he helped put a Supreme Crt nominee on the Crt that could overturn Roe.  Alito, Roberts, and Kennedy all Roman Catholics, are the crucial votes on Roe.  and I think Roberts will side with the other 2 conserv.

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