Do you realize most of this world is in water crisis?

The global water crisis that is now leaving much of this world in danger is an issue we don't see covered much if at all. I think the time has come to change all of that...


On my new blog, I write about and report about the global water crisis that is now effecting many parts of our world from China, to South America, to Africa, to Asia, to Europe, and the United States. Climate change which scientific consensus has already proved is exacerbated by human activity thus causing drought and water scarcity, and water waste (primarily in irrigation) which is also a human activity, is causing severe droughts throughout the world. Over 60% of the United States is now in a drought, with water levels of the Great Lakes declining, as well as other rivers such as the Moreau River in South Dakota.

Our freshwater resources are finite, so this is a problem in a world where population is doubling every twenty years, and where there is abject gluttonous consumption of it on the part of those who have it, abuse of human rights regarding privatizing and commoditizing this resource at the expense of the poor, and where there is inadequate maintainance of infrastructure to provide safe, clean, potable water to many areas of the world. A child dies every 15 seconds from a water borne disease that is preventable. Other children die collecting water in water scarce areas of the world such as Kenya because of the long walks they must make every day that put them in danger. Others die because they have none. WHY this is then NOT the cornerstone of Democratic campaigns for all of those who talk of caring about human rights (which access to water as a human right must still be declared) is beyond my comprehension.

You may ask why I am writing about this here. Well, I am writing about this here because it would appear that this subject of the global water crisis gets little to NO attention on Democratic blogs such as this. And actually, this IS the moral issue of our times, and political leaders MUST begin to see that across the board and finally take action on this issue in the way of conservation, real funds for infrastructure, and water management and catchement techniques, or we are looking at a catastrophe regarding our freshwater resources in as little as twenty years.

How many of you expect to still be here in twenty years? How many of you have children that will be here in twenty years? Well, without water, it won't last long. Sure, there are issues the blogs deal with that are considered the ones that the people want to see covered, or the ones they feel are politically volatile enough to get them votes... well, I say the time has come for political leaders to start thinking with their moral compasses if they have them, and realize that unless a global initiative is established for the 21st Century regarding this resource by first declaring it a human right, wars over this resource will make wars over oil look like picnics in the park.

Please then take a look at my blog, take the information provided, and spread the word of this. The warnings about our water have been coming for over twenty years. Will we once again wait until it is too late to do something about it? Like the climate crisis Al Gore speaks of in An Inconvenient Truth that is real, so is this crisis.

Our very ability to sustain ourselves is at stake.

I would think that would be the mother of all issues.

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most of this world is in water crisis

I guess it isn't the mother of all issues on "political" blogs unless you tie it into wanting Al Gore to run for President.::::sigh::::. Perhaps I should have prefaced this with some dramatic, breathless, urgent plea like, AL PLEASE SAVE US FROM OURSELVES BECAUSE WE ARE HELPLESS! It would appear that the climate crisis, this crisis, and any other crisis that in the view of political operatives isn't good enough to be used as a soundbite, like scaring people enough to vote for them by making them think shaving gel is a weapon, or using it to spam a Draft Gore site is worth even discussing on these blogs. So just a note to the political players out here on all sides: There are people who care deeply about these important issues, and it isn't all about just getting Lieberman or scaring people now, and you are pushing people away. If you think a world where perpetual war due to lack of potable water isn't scary, then continue the way you are going in doing business as usual. Why should anything change from the last thirty years of warnings that went unheeded by the political players and their enablers who only think of this as a game.

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