What Caused The London Riots?

Cenk Uygur breaks down a BBC anchor's interview of Darcus Howe regarding the London riots that erupted after the Mark Duggan police shooting controversy. What really caused riots in the UK?


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Why? I will tell you why.

England has a culture of hooliganism.  Just ask all of Europe.  They have special rules for British soccer fans because over and over again the Brits riot.  Why?  Why?  Why?  Because they have a culture of being hooligans.  Google it.


What caused the riots?  Those who chose to riot.  Those who view it as a right whenever they are frustrated.


There was a questionable shooting of someone who appears to be a minor crime figure.

Did he shoot first?  Did he shoot at all?  Was the gun an illegal weapon in England a sign that he was a drug dealer?  I don't know.  And honestly you don't know either.

Nor do all the rioters.


They all buy into the theory that society is victimizing them and any action on their behalf is justified because they are the victims here.


The eloquent man is clearly stating their worldview.  The inability of the poor to speak proper english - societies fault.  The inability of the poor to gain an education either in school or from personal study outside of organized school - societies fault.  The choice of the poor to do drugs - societies fault.  The inability of the poor to get high paying jobs while speaking poor english, being generally willfully ignorant in addition to being uneducated, doing drugs and generally having a problem with authority - societies fault.


He is using the talking points of the mob.  Maybe like the mafia lawyer he claims no involvement.  Maybe he just happens to share their worldview.  Maybe illusions to race riots in the past and the interviewers non involvement didn't mean he himself was involved.


But the more we stand with the mobs talking points.  The more we try to absolve those who destroy any personal responsibility the more we take up their worldview and strengthen their cause.


What next how the Vancouver riots were all about how society has let sports watchers down somehow?  Didn't listen to their feelings?  Those poor rioters who felt they had to riot just to show that they should be the center of the universe.


So who caused the riots?


Liberals who breed the belief that the poor are so inferior, minorities are so inferior, teens are so inferior that they are incapable of being responsible for anything.  Thats the world view that created these riots.


Until you can stop viewing the poor as subhuman and actually expect from them the same behavior you expect from your own children you will continue to create this culture of riots and extreme poverty.

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