‘We were supposed to get change,’ not Defense Authorization Act stripping civil liberties


Cenk returns to the Defense Authorization Act, which the White House now says senior advisers will not recommend that President Obama should veto. “In all of the troubles I’ve got with President Obama, he couldn’t be that bad, right?” Cenk says he thought, even as others argued that NDAA seemed constructed to give the executive branch more power, not less. “You’re not going to get any of this in the mainstream media. You’ll get robots that say, ‘Defense Authorization Act passed, it was bipartisan so it must be good.’ Well, it’s not. It’s horrible. It’s hideous. Look, I’m opposed to Newt Gingrich because I think he’s a danger to the Republic. But look at this! This is a danger to the Republic. What’s the point electing Obama if he’s going to do Bush or even worse than Bush? We were supposed to get change!”



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