Laura Ling on weeping North Koreans: ‘There’s such an intense level of fear’

Laura Ling and Euna Lee join Cenk to talk about the death of Kim Jong Il. The two journalists, who were held captive for five months while reporting for Current TV, say their time in prison there helps them understand the lifelong indoctrination many North Koreans experienced.

“There’s such an intense level of fear,” Laura explains. “Even if they do believe differently, people are hesitant to say that.”

Of news images showing North Koreans weeping over the death of their “Dear Leader,” Euna says, “Sometimes when you same the same thing over and over, when you hear the same thing over and over, it becomes true, whether you believe it or not.”

And it’s still unclear whether Kim’s son will hold onto that power. “There hasn’t been enough time for that propaganda around [Kim Jong Un] to really reach a fever pitch,” Laura points out. “It will be interesting to see what the people believe about him.”


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