Cenk Rips CNN Obama Analysis By Fareed Zakaria

CNN host Fareed Zakaria said that 'liberals need to grow up' and that progressives believe in a fantasy that president Obama can give a speech to fix America's problems. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur couldn't disagree more.


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I miss Cenk

MSNBC lost one of its best.

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This guy doesn't understand real politik

The tea part was willing to shut down the government.


Liberals who think the government is so efficient that close scrutiny won't find things that are unpopular are foolish.


America spends more money than it makes.  Why?  Why is there a massive ~70 trillion accounts shortage going forward?


Because we have promised more than we can deliver and over time its balanced to promise more and more regardless of our means to pay.


If you are a big fan of medicare as is, social security as is and military spending as is you really don't want to have this discussion in public.


There is now a wing of the right that is willing to cut military spending in half so long as medicare/social security etc are cut in half.


They are ready for the outcomes.


All the compromise fantasy that the liberals have is foolish.  The idea that if the democratic party had stood up the GOP would have blinked is foolish.  Its a fundemental failure to understand the issues that are occurring.


They are like children who believe in laws and fairness without understanding that laws are only effective because policemen have guns.


Possible outcomes were


1)  Give tea party what they wanted and pass a deal

2)  No deal and shutdown government stop paying people, this would force the president to decide which programs actually are important and cut the rest in the span of a week.  He would have to justify all of these decisions to the public and you would own them.

3)  Keep paying the social programs and stop paying the debt.  This would raise borrowing costs and insure that step 2 would have to happen.  There was literally no way for the tea party to lose because this is exactly what they said they would do when they were elected.


Thats how politics actually works.


When it comes time for Bush taxes to expire Obama could play tough.  Problem is no matter how you think people are all in favor of taxing the rich the reality is they actually aren't.  The GOP who just had a massive victory in 2010 didn't run on tax the rich.  The GOP who will retake the senate in 2012 unless they suffer a massive 66% to 33% defeat will not run on tax the rich.  If Obama says the rich should pay their fair share he will lose giving the GOP all three branches.  Is that really what you personally are pushing for?


The liberals are delusional about what people actually want.  Go to dailykos.com you will actually hear people talk about how people agree with them its just that they don't realize they agree with them.  Its delusional.


The loss in 2010 was massive and has built into it a senate loss in 2012.  Obama is tanking.


But vote Nader because Gore and Bush are the same.  Its not like it has ever not worked out for you in the past.  After all you guys are always right.....at least in your own minds.


And to think Bill and Hillary could have been taking care of all this for the last 3 years...*sigh*


Thanks again Dean, kos, pelosi, kennedy, obama  thanks a whole lot.

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Good analysis

Good analysis by the host. rudraksha

by Sudhansu Nayak 2011-08-25 06:07AM | 0 recs


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