50 People to Circle on Google+

Add these people to your Google+ circle.

Cenk Uygur
Misty Kingma
Tom Hanc
Sam Seder
Jay Tomilson of Best of the Left
David Pakman
Allison Kilkenny
Jamie Kilstein
Tina Dupuy
Richard (RJ) Eskow
Jim Gilliam
Arianna Huffington
ze frank
Philip DeFranco
Ray William Johnson
Michael Buckley
The Will of DC
Lawrence Lessig
Matt Stoller
Arshad Hasan
Thom Hartmann
Baratunde Thurston
Alex Blagg
Jeff Jarvis
Matthew Ygelsias
Victor Rocco
Nicole Sandler
David Sirota
Timothy Karr
Murshed Zaheed
Ari Melber
Kevin Rose
Cliff Schecter
Pete Cashmore
Jerome Armstrong
Erin Polgreen
Jason Barnett
Marcy Wheeler
Kenneth Quinnell
Adam Green
Jason Leopold
Chris Priest
Bernie Sanders
Matthew Filipowicz
Tony Daughtrey
Ezra Klein
Josh Marshall
Michael Snook
Jonathan Zittrain

 Add profiles you have in your circles in the comment section of this blog. 



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