2012 (R): Obama Created 240 Million Jobs

2012 Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum accidentally admitted that President Obama created an enormous number of jobs in an interview on CNN. Michael Shure breaks it down.


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Doesn't anyone know anything?

It's true that Santorum comes off looking ignorant here. But so does CNN and The Young Turks. Look, the total number of employed persons in the U.S. is 131 million (May 2011). So if they were talking about 240-280 million as the number of jobs in existence right now, they'd be off by 100 percent. The fact that supposedly knowledgeable people can talk about 240/280 million as the number of jobs created is evidence that they really have no clue about these things, and that they didn't even bother to spend 1 minute to look it up.

Years ago, John Allen Paulos wrote a great little book called Innumeracy, in which he made the point that even otherwise educated people all large numbers are treated alike: a million, a billion, a trillion, it's all the same thing. Not.

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