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    You're correct, of course. As freedom 78 said at the top, "All my fights are ahead of me...not behind". But, as Obama pointed out to McCain when he suspended his campaign, I think we can do two things at once - or more.  

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    Good, honest, aggressive diary btw

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    Venician picked this up but I have to join in....Anna Shane wtf? how can you possibly say
    "There were plenty of reasons to back Barack, but not one of them was that he'd positioned himself to win or that he'd done his homework". Hillary made several "positioning errors". For example, initially casting herself as the experience candidate which gave Obama the opportunity to grab the "change" message. She came up with about 58 different slogans in her attempt to recover from that positioning error. He saw that position and stuck with it. Again in the general he made a few calculated shifts to the right. Agree or disagree, his (and his team's) reading of the country - their positioning - was close to spot on. As for not doing his homework.....? Barely worth a response but someone planned for a long drawn out primary battle and a massive GOTV general campaign.
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    actually I think it's J'accuse

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    that's great, and my point was poorly made, I agree that we ultimately and obviously vote for who we want to vote for. But we are influenced by the candidates themselves, their surrogates, bloggers and commentators. Attractive as living in a bubble sounds (especially right now), we are all part of a community bouncing around ideas which we agree with sometimes, sometimes not so much. When a losing candidate we have been supporting tells us, or asks us, to support their rival, for the sake of the country and the party, that is just another influence. But it seems cussid to suddenly violently disagree with someone you have been supporting for months.

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    Hello to you too. Yes, I used the noun partisan to cover vigilant supporters on both sides where everyone is running, nobody hiding, lots of pots and kettles, everyone remarkably holy, all checking themselves in the mirror for any sign of partisanship. Hope you enjoyed my earlier diaries. (Sorry don't know how to do the grinning face).

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    with three sprawling unsupported, vicious comments. Go back to redstate.

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    your indepth analysis Architek. It really helps move the conversation along. According to my contacts and insiders people like you have nearly ruined this site.

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    explanation as to why they didn't ID themselves on the call and used a bogus (fake) name? That is the most troubling fact. I don't think this is a Clinton/Obama issue - although it may become one. At present why is a voter registration group making robocalls that are not ID'd. Is that ridiculous?

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    NC, I predict at least 3 columns of Obama is just an AA candidate and Clinton never had a chance of competing against such a high AA population. Probably mentioning AA 6 or 7 more times.

  • Alegre, the last couple of comments sound like you are part of the Clinton campaign. Are you? Or are you just close and cosy?

  • democrat in the last 4 elections?

  • would be the fighting scrapper diaries I alluded to (although I have only been on board for a couple of months, she could have been writing Haiku before that). And judging by the response to this diary it is a much more effective tool; a better way of canvassing for HRC. Lectures are dull, we all know the facts we like and don't like. We can slice it really thin and find differences but in the GE perspective their policies are (very) similar. Do you remember how repetitive the televised debates became? The emotional connection was what was missing for me with HRC. Hearing how she effects her supporters, how they relate to her personally is much more powerful than another diary about ... (fill in the blank). Alegre gave us a great example of her persoanl connection with her candidate of choice. As I said on another post these are by far the most powerful diaries on DKos. I look forward to more.

  • "Burn Baby Burn Disco Inferno!" The Trammps (too long ago)

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    I posted a diary yesterday asking for door to door canvassing stories as these personal stories are much more revealing than issues based lectures (the candidates are very similar). This diary is a great insight into a Clinton supporter. Alegre; as I read this, a warm human revealed herself from behind the fighting scrapper you present yourself as normally.


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