Attention David Lynch Fans!

This is purely frivolous and hopefully somewhat entertaining.  As a fan of David Lynch movies, I just have to ask.  

Who would be marginally better as president: Dubya, or Frank Booth, the Dennis Hopper character in Blue Velvet?  If you like, you can substitute Willem Dafoe's Bobby Peru character for Booth.  

Hit Sinclair in the Pocketbook!

I think it might help if people who own funds investing in SBGI contact their funds requesting divestment and then notify SBGI.

If mutual funds aren't normally susceptible to this type of lobbying, it may help in this instance to argue that SBGI is jeopardizing investor trust in the name of toadying to the White House.

I checked Yahoo Finance for a list of major investors in the Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBGI).  

Anyone investing in the below funds or knowing anyone who does should drop their fund and Sinclair an e-mail.  Let's scare the crap out of them - their stock doesn't have far to fall.
(see the extended entry for a list of funds, as well as institutional investors)

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