Two new endorsements for Mary Pallant in CA-24!

Those of you who follow California politics closely know that CA-24 is one of the under-the-radar races to watch this year.  Though it's not getting a lot of attention in the national media, this district is one that could end up surprising a lot of people who aren't watching the trends on the ground.

The race features Mary Pallant, the progressive Democrat, going up against Elton Gallegly, a do-nothing rubberstamp Republican, in an already purple district that is turning increasingly blue and is filled with abnormally large numbers of independent voters.  Pallant is also being challenged in the primary by Jill Martinez; however, given that Martinez is still over $93,000 in debt from her previous campaign, it is unclear how vigorous a challenge she will be able to mount to either Pallant or Gallegly.  
Full disclosure: I serve as the volunteer Netroots Coordinator for the Mary Pallant campaign

I have explained before how competitive this district may be in the fall due to changes in the electorate that bode well for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot here.  With enough money and momentum, there is no good reason for this district to remain in Republican hands.

On the money side, Mary's campaign is in the black and raising money at a steady clip.

And on the momentum side, Mary Pallant has received two more another boosts to her campaign--this time from well-respected progressive activists.

The first endorsement comes from David Swanson, co-founder of the pro-impeachment blog After Downing Street.  From the as-yet unpublished press release:

David Swanson, co-founder of and Washington Director of, endorses Mary Pallant for the United States House of Representatives.

David said, "We should support the campaign of Mary Pallant in California's 24th district, a pro-impeachment Democrat challenging Elton Gallegly."

Mary supports the rule of law and our constitution above partisan politics. She believes we should hold hearings concerning the actions of this administration and let the evidence speak for itself.

The other media endorsement this week came from Norman Solomon, nationally syndicated columnist and author of Made Love, Got War, War Made Easy (later turned into a documentary narrated by Sean Penn), and Target Iraq.

Mr. Solomon will be traveling to the 24th District to support Mary's campaign with a fundraiser on May 4th in Simi Valley (feel free to email me for more info if you are interested in attending).

If you don't know yet why you should be interested in this race, here's a snippet from my previous post on the campaign for the 24th:

Why should you help Mary?  Because she can win.  Seriously.  California's 24th district has long been in the hands of the Republican party, largely because of its suburban and exurban demographics, as well as because of the presence of strongly conservative Simi Valley.  But the district has been changing for a long time now--and it's poised to flip Blue this year.  As David Dayen noted in his House Races Roundup over at Calitics, the 24th district is now on the map for Democrats as it should be.  This beautiful district that lies between Henry Waxman's solidly Democratic district in Los Angeles' westside and Lois Kapp's solidly Democratic district in Santa Barbara should by all rights be in Democratic hands this year--and with your help we can make that happen.

Turnout numbers in this district are off the charts as voters get increasingly sick of Republican rule.  This R+5 district saw Democratic voters outnumber Republicans by almost 4,000 votes earlier this year, partly due to the historic primary race.  Nor is there any indication that the Democratic turnout will do anything but increase in November as we approach this historic general election.  I was quoted extensively in the local paper the Ventura County Reporter in its story on Ventura County's flip from red to blue in overall voter registration--one of the major reasons for Tom McClintock's departure to the supposedly friendlier climes of CA-04 to take on Charlie Brown.

Republican Elton Gallegly, meanwhile, is a do-nothing, nearly invisible Rubberstamp Republican who has essentially ignored the needs of the district for years while supporting the unpopular Occupation of Iraq, Bush's unpopular tax cuts for the wealthy.

This is a race we can win, and Mary has the sort of progressive credentials we can all get excited about.  If you can, please help Mary with a donation so that we can finally flip this district from rubberstamp Red to progressive Blue!

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Re: Two new endorsements for Mary Pallant in CA-24

I'm not that in-touch with the California tickets, but it is always good news when progressives are succeeding. Thank you for the update!

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good diary- once again
thanks for posting on this.
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Re: good diary- once again

thanks for paying attention! :-)

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