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    Kerry had a similar issue available to him, but he didn't use it: Bush's guest worker plan. That plan isn't just for field workers: it would be "open-ended", open to the world, and it could drive wages for higher-wage workers down near the minimum wage.

    Instead of talking about this plan (for instance during the 3rd debate), Kerry offered up something nearly as bad... See also "Hutchinson's Remarks Indicate Cheap Labor Bias of Administration"

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    I'm sure there are a lot of Republicans/conservatives who'd like to see the Dems take on illegal immigration. Bush is tremendously weak on this issue, and he's lost some votes and money because of it. See my immigration categories if you'd like background information on this issue.

    I'd also suggest looking at the Prop. 200 (AZ) exit poll and how close Cynthia Matthews got to David Dreier because of Political Human Sacrifice.

    On the topic of gun control, a great number of people feel that a disarmed populace is an invitation to tyranny. That's certainly not a black helicopter viewpoint, but I can't prevent those who have no sense of history from thinking it is.

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    In this post I discuss how Kerry won Ohio and Arizona. Sure, some members of the far-left were upset, and running to "right" of Bush on a few issues was unexpected, but he won, didn't he?
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    The Federal Building is across the street from the Veteran's Cemetary and down the street from a National Guard base. Perhaps the tank was just passing through?
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    Also, Dreier's opponent apparently got little or no money from the Dem party. Perhaps it was because she came out against illegal immigration, or perhaps it was because there's a bit of a gentleman's agreement involved not to unseat people like Dreier.
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    The low showing by Dreier is due to one cause only: Political Human Sacrifice. See also this and the results.

    Summary: two SoCal talk jocks (John & Ken @ KFI) encouraged their listeners to vote against Dreier due to his support for illegal immigration. Many Republicans just couldn't bring themselves to vote for a Democrat, and no doubt the uptick in L votes was because Republicans wanted to vote against Dreier but couldn't vote Democrat.

    On a somewhat related note, see Why Kerry won, where I discuss the issues he focused on that lead to his landslide.


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