MyDD's little censoring problem

It all started here.

A diary about Obama "campaigning" in Florida, against previous agreements.

It continued here, with kid oakland doing the leg-work Jerome SHOULD have done before writing his idiotic screed against Obama.

K.O. Made the rec list as he tends to do, then minutes later POOF!

It was no longer on the list.

There's more...

Plagiarism? Not exactly.

Keep on accusing Obama of plagiarism.

It just makes the Clinton Campaign look stupid.

Obama stole from Patrick! OMG!

Not really.

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Obama and Rezko: Can you finally let it go?

My main question is for the Clinton supporters who continually harped on this again and again, regardless of how thoroughly it was debunked.

Will you finally let this non-issue go?

My money is on "no."

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Mark Penn: Obama only wins insignificant states.

Wow, how generous of him.

Could we possibly have a nominee who hasn't won any of the significant states -- outside of Illinois? That raises some serious questions about Sen. Obama.

What a jackass.

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Post debate thoughts.

Just some thoughts about the debate tonight, nothing major.

I thought that this debate should be uplifting for supporters from all of the camps. Clinton was steady and eloquent, Obama was initially fumbling but then exploded. What few shots and swipes they gave seemed to be more intent on focusing on substantive policy differences as opposed to the "scandals" that plague the news sites and the liberal blogs.

Overall, I thought both did a wonderful job and their respective supporters should all be proud.

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