Elizabeth Dole: Missing Inaction

Elizabeth Dole's absence from North Carolina has long been fodder for discussion among Democrats.  We're prone to refer to her as a carpetbagger and talk about her 40+ year absence from the state, her voting history in Kansas, her run for president as a Kansan and her residence at the Watergate where she and husband Bob have lived since they were married in 1975.  What we don't talk about is her long history of service in North Carolina because there is no history to speak of.

You would think that after a rushed residency period and her election to the U.S. Senate as a "North Carolinian" in 2002 that Dole would start spending a little more time in this state.  Time she could use to get to know the people and our goals, dreams and hopes for the wonderful state we live in.  Time she could use to gain understanding of the challenges and obstacles we face in North Carolina.  If you honestly thought Dole was going to spend any substantive time here, you're wrong.  Dead wrong.

Here's what folks in Salisbury, NC - Dole's alleged city of residence - had to say about Liddy:

According to Media General Services, there are years where Dole spent far less than one month in the state.

<center>Documented Days Spent by Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina During Her First Term

2003 - 55

2004 - 34

2005 - 20

2006 - 13

2007 - 50

2008 (through Friday) - 97

-SOURCE: Senate Travel Records, Dole Campaign and Senate Office Press Releases, Senate Office Schedule, and North Carolina Newspaper Clips.</center>

Dole is aware that she has been criticized for her many years in Washington and she gave her response in Rob Christensen's drooling love-fest for Liddy in today's News & Observer.
"I think people understand that you can't run the Red Cross from Salisbury," Dole said in an interview last week. "You can't run a Cabinet agency from Salisbury."
Sure, Liddy, we understand that you wanted a career that took you away from North Carolina, but now you want a career that should bring you back to North Carolina and until it came time to gear up for and run for reelection you couldn't be bothered to do your job for the people of this state.

Dole is no longer running the Red Cross. Dole no longer has a Cabinet position.  Dole is supposed to be attending Banking  Committee meetings and meetings of the Senate Armed Services Committee.  She is supposed to be doing her job in Washington when she isn't in the state she represents.  Apparently, though, Liddy Dole has a problem with that part of her job as well.

After reviewing many transcripts and watching hundreds of hours of video I can confirm that Dole has not participated in quite a few meetings - at last count 61 - of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. This is not a committee that meets every day and sometimes it doesn't meet more than once a month.   I have heard it rumored by more than one person in Washington that Mrs. Dole does not often attend the meetings of her assigned committees.

Dole's campaign has claimed her assigned committees are important to North Carolina.  If that's the case, why doesn't she bother to show up very often?  If Mrs. Dole had worked a little harder on the banking committee do you think maybe she could have helped avert our current crisis?  I guess we'll never know.  What we do know is that Elizabeth Dole has certainly "worked hard" to earn her ineffectiveness rating.

North Carolina needs a senator in Washington who represents North Carolinians.  Please help us send Kay Hagan to Washington.

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Re: Elizabeth Dole: Missing Inaction

Go Kay Hagan!

by The Southern Dem 2008-09-29 05:31AM | 0 recs
Re: Elizabeth Dole: Missing Inaction

In total, Dole spent approximately 13% of her time as a U.S. senator in North Carolina. The rest of Dole's record?  A look by the numbers:

97 - Days Dole has spent in North Carolina in her election year, 2008.

93 - Dole's ranking out of all her colleagues in the U.S. Senate in terms of effectiveness.  

92 - Percentage of the time Dole voted with George Bush, rubber-stamping his failed economic policies.

61 - Number of Senate Banking Committee hearings in which Dole failed to ask a single question or make a single statement.

55 - Days Dole spent in North Carolina in 2003, her first year in office.

50 - Days Dole spent in North Carolina in 2007, gearing up for her reelection.

43 - Years Dole has been a Washington insider, not a North Carolinian, advocating for the special interests and their lobbyists.

34 - Days Dole spent in North Carolina in 2004, the year she spent campaigning for George Bush in eight other states.

25 - Years Dole was registered as a Kansas voter, even running for President as a Jayhawk before she thought to run for Senate in NC.

20 - Days Dole spent in North Carolina in 2005, her first year as NRSC chair.

19 - The number of dollars, in millions, Dole spent running attack ads to elect Republicans while she was the chair of the NRSC.

13 - Days Dole spent in North Carolina in 2006, choosing instead to help elect fellow Republicans from other states to the U.S. Senate. She failed.

8.5 - The size of Dole's Ruby Red Slippers, confirmed by Dole to Kay when they met on Memorial Day.

3 - The number of political parties Dole has belonged to, changing party ID like some people change their shoes.

2 - The number of days it took for Dole to register as a North Carolina voter after Jesse Helms announced his retirement.

1 - Number of terms Elizabeth Dole will serve in the U.S. Senate.

Disclosure: I am Kay Hagan's Online Communications Director

by ScottZumwalt 2008-09-29 06:03AM | 0 recs
Thanks for the list

This is a great visual.

by The Southern Dem 2008-09-29 07:06AM | 0 recs
Re: Elizabeth Dole: Missing Inaction

You're doing a great job. Kay Hagen is running a first rate campaign with great communication and raising lots of money online.

by LakersFan 2008-09-29 09:50AM | 0 recs
Can't really blame her

Liddy doesn't know where she is half the time anyway.

by Anglico 2008-09-29 06:10AM | 0 recs
Brought to you by the only people who will.

The media in North Carolina refuses to comment on  Dole's absence.

by Robert P 2008-09-29 06:17AM | 0 recs
Dole thinks she was elected in North Carolina

to support Bush".  I don't know who said that or where I read it, but I it's the truth.  She does not and has not represented North Carolinians.  Even our Governor, Mike Easley had to go to the Senators from Delaware, Maryland and Virginia (pdf) to get help with the Outlying Landing Field fiasco because both Dole and Burr thought that asking the Navy to look elsewhere was "bizarre"!

by momoaizo 2008-09-29 09:27AM | 0 recs


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