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    You don't speak for me either!  Hillary is by far the better candidate left standing.  Yeah, post lectures elsewhere...

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    Agreed 100%.  This isn't the Christianity I subscribe to, and the truth is that the Republicans will make so much of this that we will see the biggest landside in history for Republicans.

    We have no perfect dog in this fight, but we do have another good one who stands a MUCH better chance of the Presidency going Blue in 2008.


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    Being a community organizer (although I never could figure out exactly what Obama did because the term itself is ambiguous) is probably a good place to start if one wants to be a leader someday.  But President?  After a few years in a state legislature and starting a run shortly after winning a US senate seat?  That is a track WAY too fast for me in these exceptionally complicated and troubled times.

  • Yikes--If this is the way he lets a neighborhood go, how could he possibly run a whole country???  The prospect is frightening.

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    What a wonderful story.  The photos are terrific.  Thank you!!!

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    The most divisive comment to date is Obama's (more than once) stated comment that Hillary's supporters will vote for him but his will not vote for her.  That's restraint???  Then his wife says she doesn't know if she would vote for Hillary either.  That is what split the Democratic party right down the center. How audacious.  How insulting.

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    I made door hangers and took them around my neighborhood.  They are easy to make and the patterns will be posted on www.stopiranwar.com soon (maybe they are up already).

    Here's the good news.  For those who were home when I knowcked, both Democratics AND Republican neighbors were very receptive.  They wonder why there is not more talk more about this serious matter.  

    Enough about astronauts-gone-crazy-in-diapers, where to bury dead celebrites, and Britny's self-scalping.  Let's talk about a major threat to our nation's security.  

    Thanks General Clark for all you do for us!



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